Although blogging at So Good did not begin until mid-August of 2007, the amount of “food, folks and fun” that we packed into those 4 1/2 months is surely enough to get me arrested in 23 of the lower 48 states.

The Top 6 So Good blog posts of 2007 have been selected based on several criteria: total views, # of comments, attention generated elsewhere in the blogosphere and reader satisfaction. Why 6? Because I just thought these posts stood out above the rest, and five alone wouldn’t suffice. So without further ado, here are your Top 6 posts of 2007:

1. The Whopper Freakout = Genius


The most viewed blog post in So Good history, thanks to being the #3 result on Google for “Whopper Freakout” (which lead to an additional 4,000 people visiting So Good). This post was linked to by 11 other blogs, and also inspired the most conversation of any So Good post so far, with 67 comments.

2. Happy Sandwich: Is Kraft VP of Marketing Talking Up Kraft Singles on So Good?


What happens when the person who essentially writes, “OMG! Everyone likes grilled cheese with Kraft Singles! Super Yummy!” in your blog comments turns out to be the VP of Marketing for Kraft Foods? People laugh their asses off.

3. Who Owns the Steak Bomb?


A) People in New England eat steak bombs for decades.
B) Suddenly a sub shop patents the term.
C) Said sub shop sends cease and desist letter to its nearest competitor. Demands they stop using the term “steak bomb.”
D) Consumers flock to So Good, mock sub shop for their brazen, yet laughable power grab.

4. Pizza With Burgers, Fries and McNuggets


It’s amazing how intrigued people are by bizarre combinations of food.

5. Happy Sandwich? Kraft Foods Has No Friends


The post that “started it all,” leading to a string of 7 or 8 posts observing the comedy of errors in Kraft’s online Happy Sandwich campaign. After a NY Times article talking about the new Happy Sandwich MySpace page, no one at Kraft logged into the page to post a notice saying it wouldn’t go live until two weeks later, leaving an untended MySpace page with no information, thus affording me a golden opportunity to mock Kraft Foods for having no friends – just like in high school.

6. “Honey, This Popcorn Needs More……Bacon”


With a snark heavy analysis, I introduce my readers to Bacon Salt, the breakthrough new seasoning of 2007.

Thanks everyone for a great 2007. Hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I do writing them.

6 Responses

  1. Ruca Bangs

    These may be the top posts #’s-wise, but what are Eick’s favorite posts? Or readers? can we vote?

    p.s. Hilkster, if you come to NYC, lets hang out. You dont need to have no friends forever!

  2. Eick

    Sure you can vote on your favorites. I think my favorites correlate pretty closely with these with a couple exceptions. The on-going Kraft debacle and Steak Bomb were my two favorite ongoing stories to cover, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the posts I wrote on those subjects, not just the “main” ones.

    Other personal favorites of mine:

    Why Ketchup Lovers are Ruining Ketchup

    Is Steak the new salad?

    Nefarious Ron Paul Supporters Plotting to Spam Food Banks Across the Country

    John Mayer: Your Blog is a Blunderland

    Plus of course the Would You Rathers are always a blast to do.


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