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UPDATE: Jon Eick is no longer with us here at So Good Blog. He has moved on.

So Good isn’t your typical food blog or website. It takes a keen interest in observing how food companies market and advertise products while offering up intriguing Would You Rather? questions, food based Rants and the ever popular Meat MadnessFast Food Bracket and Snack Madness. So Good is perhaps best known for breaking the Papa John’s “Crybaby” story. That story, along with several other national stories, has lead to widespread Media Coverage of So Good.

Present and Past Contributors:

JT – Based in Austin, TX, JT is an avid runner, triathlete & Red Sox fan. Our longest tenured contributor, he often expounds upon BBQ, good & bad marketing campaigns, sports and anything else that strikes his fancy that day. You can find his weekly contributions each Thursday or Friday.

Sam – A recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison,  Sam’s weekly Eating Styles polls can be found on Mondays. She also creates our weekly Deep Fried Everything comic strip each Thursday, as well as other occasional posts.

Mark – An upstate New York native that learned to cook at the knees of his Mother. Since then food, beer, wine  and spirits have become his major outlet for creativity and stress relief. You can find Mark’s contributions every Monday.

Andy – From Nova Scotia, Andy is our token international representative. As his belt will attest, he’s been a food enthusiast for a very long time. You can find his contributions each Tuesday or Wednesday.

Peter – Peter lives outside Portland, OR and is a frequent fast food eater with a penchant for burgers and fries. You can find his weekly reviews of fast food & snack offerings on Friday.

Cary – Located in Chicago, IL, Cary loves expounding upon the absurdity of food television, marketing and product gimmicks. He contributes whenever he feels like it, so back off!

What others are saying about So Good:

“Boing Boing for food but funnier” – Drawing the Line

“One of the freshest, funniest and most entertaining voices to enter the food blogosphere” – Bacon Salt Blog

“Totally on top of crazy food-related current events.” – Adam Kuban – Slice, A Hamburger Today

“I love it! Irreverent but not irrelevant.” – The Great American Cooking Project

“So Good has the lowdown on anything that’s happening in the world of food media. He’s the guy who broke the LeBron James/Papa Johns scandal.” – Endless Simmer

“Well written and snarky” – Fayettevittles

“Fortune 500 corporations spend millions on R&D for food products and marketing strategy. Eick picks them apart in a DC-minute.” – Capital Spice

“I really like So Good because it generally focuses on the more humorous food related news.” – Slashfood

“Always enjoyable…if you haven’t read it yet, do so immediately” – The Slanch Report

“Like a bus full of carnies – it scares the crap out of me to look at it but i stare anyway” – Running With Tweezers

“A sandwich is just a sandwich, but Eick talking about a sandwich is epic poetry.” – An ex-girlfriend

“Witty and informative.” – Chew on That

“A new blog from funny-as-hell stand up comedian, Jon Eick” – Chris Abraham

“Jon Eick does what he does best: wax poetic about food, and offer up bizarrely detailed Would You Rathers?” – Trawtopia

“Very Funny.” – EatFoo(d);