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When I was a kid, my Dad used to read to me every night to help me fall asleep. I would usually fall asleep in the middle of a chapter but nevertheless, the reading put me to sleep. As an adult however, I struggle to fall asleep in under a half hour and sometimes end up barely sleeping at all.

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I had a roommate in college who, whenever she needed to get up early, stuffed tons of cold medicine down her throat and claimed she couldn’t fall asleep without it. She took it night after night sometimes and although it proved effective for getting to sleep, obviously wasn’t the right choice for sleeping medicine.


I’ve tried over-the-counter medicines before, the generics and more name brand sleep aids, but none really help that much. They make me feel semi-tired but not enough to fall asleep. The only pill that ever puts me to sleep is Vicks NyQuil and you’re not supposed to be taking that on a regular basis. That’s why when Vicks finally came out with ZzzQuil, I jumped on it.


A sleep aid that takes the knock out formula of NyQuil and puts it in a non-habit-forming pill? A pill that you can take when you’re not sick? A pill that actually, maybe, hopefully puts you to sleep? I grabbed a box at my local Walgreen’s and tried it that night. It. Was. Awesome.


If you have sleep issues, I definitely suggest giving ZzzQuil a shot rather than running to your local doctor begging for Ambien or Lunesta. I fell asleep fast, even though I got a good night’s sleep the night before, and in the morning, I didn’t feel drowsy or nauseated. Sometimes when I’ve taken OTC sleep aids they make me feel nauseated; the way I feel when I don’t get quality sleep. But ZzzQuil put me to sleep without causing any harm.

It didn’t feel powerful and it didn’t knock me out immediately like NyQuil many times does. It made me feel tired and as if I was falling asleep naturally. When I look for a sleep-aid, I specifically look for non-habit-forming, don’t want to become a Zombie, and natural if I can find it. Although ZzzQuil is not a natural-style sleep aid, it didn’t leave me feeling groggy or put me in that halfway state between sleep and awake where you’re too tired to get up but not tired enough to fall asleep.


Since I was little, I’ve had trouble sleeping and often wake up in the middle of the night with no hope of falling back asleep. Thankfully, Vicks finally took their excellent NyQuil and made it into ZzzQuil so I can sleep even when I don’t have the flu. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about popping a pill to sleep before that big exam or catch up on some extra shuteye in the middle of the day.


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4 Responses

  1. Karen

    ZzzQuil is nothing but diphenhydramine; the exact same thing as Benadryl, Unisom and any other basic sleep aid or antihistamine. I recommend people save their money and pay a dollar or two for one of the many store-brand diphenhydramine products.

    I personally prefer melatonin for an OTC sleep product (only because diphenhydramine gives me Restless Leg Syndrome, but most people don’t have this problem). I don’t get the hangover effect the next day. The ones advertised as “sublingual” or “fast-dissolve” are placed under the tongue, so they’re absorbed more quickly and work better. With melatonin, more isn’t better; the best dose seems to be 1-3 mg.

  2. Luis

    I tried many sleep aids including MidNite, rescue sleep,melatonin and benedryl.
    My pharmacist recommended ZZZQuil. At first I was a little concern because i had tried Nyquil in the past and it gave me the opposite reaction up all night with nervous leggs. But ZZZQuil put me to sleep within 30 minutes and got up this am with a good night sleep and fully rested. Great product.

  3. Morgan

    That is great you have found something that works out to help you get some shut-eye! I too, have problems falling asleep a lot. However, I have found some help with taking melatonin but sometimes feel tired unless I get enough sleep. Also, I feel like I have to take it frequently or else that night, I may not fall asleep for a significant period of time. Do you feel like you have to take zzzquil every night to fall asleep? Hope you continue to find blissful shut-eye!


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