At least that’s one thing I surmised from the new obesity report put out by Calorie Lab. As I was writing this blog post, I did a blog search and discovered I’m not the only one who noticed this (Hat tip to Open Left, who yesterday picked up on the same trend).

Out of the 20 fattest states in the country, Bush won 19 of them in both 2000 and 2004 (Michigan has plenty of fatties too, but they are unionized).

Check the map. Except for the relatively fat-free Mountain West, there is a clear Red/Blue state division in terms of obesity levels.


I’m proud to note that my home state, Vermont, has the third lowest obesity rate, ranking 48th out of 50 in obesity, with only Colorado and Massachusetts lower. Not only that, but my current home, Washington, DC, ranks a respectable 40th.

However, in all fairness, DC’s obesity rate probably dropped, and Tennessee’s increased, as a result of renowned fattie Al Gore moving back home after the 2000 election.

So if conservatives are fat, fat, fatties, I want to know, is it cause or effect?

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  1. JoeHoya

    Why leave out the Mountain West states, other than to force the connection?

    With the exception of New Mexico, Bush carried every single one of the Mountain West states in both elections – and he took New Mexico in 2004, too.

    Those 8 states come in 50, 45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 37, and 32 – which means that Bush also carried 6 of the 10 LEANEST states in the country.

  2. Salty

    Its not about being conservative. Being poor makes you fat. The fattest parts of our country are too often the poorest (and blackest) parts of our country. I live in the deep South. Poverty is pretty bad down here.


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