I mean seriously people, do I even need to spell this out or explain it? The mere use of the words “meatatarian” by Wendy’s and “polygameat” by Burger King should be red flags that these companies are pursuing shockingly unoriginal ads. Now I don’t know that one company is ripping off the other, both campaigns have probably been in development at different ad agencies for a while, but it’s mind-numbing that direct competitors would adopt such similar advertising campaigns.

For those not in the know, Wendy’s new ad campaign began in August and is based around the idea of people being “meatatarians” – people that eat only meat. A subject I wrote about just a few days ago. Here’s one of their first commercials:

So when you first saw this ad, you might have thought “cute”, “witty”, “offensive to vegetarians”, “stupid.” Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Whether you like the ad or not is immaterial. What is interesting, is that despite Wendy’s nutrition launching this ad campaign in August, Burger King decided to go ahead and STILL launch commercials in the United Kingdom based around the term “polygameat” to promote their new Meat Beast Whopper, which features both bacon AND pepperoni on top of a beef paddy.

Advice to Burger King: DO NOT take your polygameat campaign to the United States. Brand confusion is never good for your brand, especially when your brand (Burger King) is the larger, more successful of the two. Your polygameat ads are just too damn similar to Wendy’s meatatarian campaign. It’s lucky for you, Burger King, that you launched this ad in the United Kingdom instead of the United States, because if you start running these ads in the U.S., the public is going to let out a collective “WHAAAAA? Isn’t this the same as those Wendy’s ads?”

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  1. Youppi

    Pepperoni on a burger, huh? I thought the “pepperoni era” was over?!? This just proves my point eick. You take a delicious burger, with delicious bacon, and they ask themselves, what can make this burger more appealing/delicious? hmmm. PEPPERONI.

    face it eick – people love pepperoni.

    I do love this “polygamit” commercial, btw. “I am a man, I cannot be tied down to just one meat”…

  2. Eick

    Dude, I love pepperoni, it’s fucking delicious. Pepperoni on a burger? Sign me up.

    But pepperoni as the default pizza is a whole different issue.


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