It was never even a contest. Surge absolutely destroyed all contenders, thanks to the Surge Movement rallying strong support for each vote. Unlike Fast Food Bracket, Snack Madness and Candy Madness, when multiple products were rallying their Facebook fans to get out the vote, Surge seemed to be the only discontinued product with an organized base of support that wanted to flex their muscle. And flex it they did. Surge got over 90% of the vote in all 5 match-ups it faced, bringing in thousands of votes.

Props to the other final four contenders: Planter’s Cheez Balls, Butterfinger BB’s and Ecto Cooler. Sadly my beloved Snapple Elements did not rally the vote like I hoped they might.

Here is the final bracket, for those who want to review the outcome or determine the winner of their office pool:

(Click to enlarge)

DF Bracket Final Results


5 Responses

  1. Sean

    YEAH! SURGE FOR THE WIN!!! And I liked Snapple Elements too. Man that brings back memories.

  2. Chad Dierkes

    Glad Surge won, hopefully it can come back now.

    I also loved snapple elements, but when they switched from glass to aluminum it really seemed to change the taste fir the worse.

  3. Slimer

    How Ecto-Cooler did not win this boggles the mind. And where are the Texas Grill Fritos on the bracket?

  4. Mark

    Some of this stuff isn’t even discontinued. You can still buy waffle crisp and rice Krispy treat cereal


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