It’s March. Which means the 4th annual So Good food bracket begins.

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A few years ago, the idea of an online food bracket was virtually non-existent. But in 2009, from nothing rose something: So Good’s Meat Madness – a 3-week long vote to determine the best meat in the land. We followed that up with the wildly successful Fast Food Bracket. Then the fun continued with Snack Madness. At the time, no other major site had done brackets of that nature – but fun breeds popularity, and popularity breeds more brackets. Since our first humble Meat Madness bracket kicked-0ff in 2009, websites or columnists have made brackets for everything from beer to cake to desserts to fruit to breakfast cereal. We welcome them to the party. So Good’s view of food is it’s all about opinions, preferences and debate – the more we argue and discuss it, the more fun we have.

Each day at 2 pm the previous day’s vote will close and a new match-up will begin. I’ve received hundreds of e-mails from folks over the past 3 years sharing their stories about playing along with their friends or co-workers by printing out a bracket, making their predictions, and just like March Madness, throwing in some money with their office mates to see who will prevail. I encourage you to do the same and compete against your friends, family or co-workers – are you more in-tune with the candy preferences of the public than they are? Time will tell.

Take a look at the bracket above. #1-#3 seeds were automatic based on the top 12 best selling candy in the U.S. The rest? My own special decision making. Note that I did not include gum (quite a big seller) but pretty much any other kind of candy cracks the list. Which candies do you think are poised to make the final four? Who is your sleeper pick? Your prediction for a first round upset? Who will win it all? Which is the toughest bracket? Which candy got hosed on their seeding or with a too-tough first round match-up? Which will be the first #1 or #2 seed to fall?

The voting is underway, so head to So Good each day for new match-ups.

21 Responses

  1. Eick

    @IndianapolisEater – totally! That’s one of my favorites! So many candies, so hard to remember/include them all….

  2. Peter

    Take 5’s non-conference schedule was weak, as was their record against the RPI Top 50.

  3. Eick

    @Peter I concurred that Take 5 was a glaring omission. The committee was taken to the woodshed and Take 5 was snuck into the tourney.

  4. Chuck

    Man. Reese’s PB Cups, Twix AND Almond Joy in the same region? That’s just brutally tough.

  5. Youppi

    Wow, some GREAT matchups this year… I’ve got my bracket unfolding, and I’ll tell you… I forsee a tough decision if Snickers meets Gummi Bears… I think Junior Mints and Sour Patch Kids will surprise some people (the sour/mint factions). Great field, great brackets, as always, Eick…

  6. Ken D

    No Goetz’s Caramel Creme? or is it just regional? I have seen it here in Az under another name.

  7. Cynthia

    Can I just say what an ambitious bracket this is? Way to go! Can’t wait to see how it progresses….

  8. James

    Where’s the Hersey’s Cookie & Cream Bars? That’s the best choclate bar in the world.

  9. James

    I picked twix to win it all. What did everyone else pick, and let see who was right at the end.

  10. Eick

    Upon much reflection, I believe the biggest omission by the committee may have been Charleston Chew….

  11. Rogan

    The committee forgot Mike and Ikes? Who the heck doesn’t like Mike and Ikes? Oh, but they like Necco Wafers just fine! Such a dumb blockhead committee 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  12. Rogan

    @Eick First off, Take 5 was in the running. It edged Red Vines, but lost to Butterfinger which they shouldn’t have. And the biggest omissions were Mike and Ikes, Whoppers, and Mars Bar. Mike and Ikes should’ve replaced Peanut M&Ms (Doesn’t M&Ms cover that?), Whoppers should’ve replaced Necco Wafers (Those are just nasty), and Mars Bar should’ve replaced Bit-O-Honey.


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