Voting on these match-ups is closed. Starburst (89%) crushes Sugar Babies (11%), Payday (54%) defeats Pop Rocks (46%), Nerds (67%) knocks off Lemonheads (33%) and Kit Kat (80%) knocks off Pez (20%).

1st round Candy Madness voting continues! Voting on these match-ups goes from 12 pm Friday to 12 pm Saturday. If you aren’t hip yet to Candy Madness, read our intro post here, fill out your bracket with friends, and join us each day to vote on new match-ups.

Here are the next four first round match-ups of our tournament:

Who are you voting for and why? Which of these contenders do you think can run the bracket and make the final four? Any potential upsets? Share your thoughts in the comments after you vote.

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5 Responses

  1. Mark

    Sugar babies losing to Starburst is a darn shame. I have never gotten the appeal of starburst. The are the Fruit Stripes gum of the candy world. Tons of flavor up front and then they are just an annoying thing you have to chew up and deal with.

  2. Smile

    The last one was the only tough one for me. I’ll chew my jaw numb with starbursts, despise pop rocks and nerds, but… pez. I’ve always been fond of pez, but my love of kit kats holds just a little stronger.


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