Hi. Welcome to So Good. This blog will be a unique blend of food, drink and humor. One might even say it is the first true humor/food blog to arrive on the food blog scene.

My name is Jon Eick and I’m here to provoke thoughts, laughs and random queries about food that you had never before considered.

What you won’t find here:

– Reviews of expensive restaurants
– Confusing Recipes
– Discussion about Martha Stewart

What you will find here:

– Absurd over-analysis of real foods that you and I eat every day
– Thought provoking “Would You Rather?” questions
– Frequent over-use of the phrase “So Good”

If you love talking about food as much as I do, then this is the place for you. Please join in the discussion and let me know your thoughts on the blog. I hope you will think it is so, so, so good.

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