Here is where we stand after two rounds of voting. We are down to the Elite 8 of meats. Elite 8 match-ups begin next week at Noon each day.

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Here is a preview of next week’s match-ups:

Monday: Red Meat Region #1 Steak vs. #2 Lamb

#1 Steak wasted no time establishing its dominance, crushing Roast Beef with 88% of the vote in the first round and defeating Buffalo with 86% of the vote in the second round.  Steak is clearly a force to be reckoned with in this tournament, but so far has not faced any serious competition. Has it been overhyped after facing two relatively weak early opponents or will it steamroll any future competitors as well?

#2 Lamb faced a much more difficult path to the Elite 8.  In the first round, Corned Beef gave it little trouble, with Lamb taking a convincing 67% of the vote. However, in the second round, Lamb faced an exhausting battle with #3 seed Ground Beef, tying 50%-50% after 24 hours of voting. In a 24 hour long overtime vote, Lamb finally prevailed over Ground Beef by a mere TWO votes. Has Lamb been battle tested with their victory over Ground Beef? Or will it be too fatigued to put up a fight against Steak?

Tuesday: Poultry Region #1 Chicken vs. #2 Turkey

#1 Chicken has had perhaps the easiest waltz into the Elite 8 of any of the remaining competitors.  After crushing Pheasant with 89% of the vote, Chicken easily dispensed of Rabbit with an even more impressive 91% of the vote.  Chicken is popular and omnipresent, but when people think Chicken, will they envision dry, tasteless chicken, yummy fried chicken or spicy buffalo wings?  Does it have the taste chops or foodie credentials to take on a more formative competitor?

#2 Turkey breezed past Quail in the first round with 83% of the vote.   However, Turkey ran into ferocious opposition from impassioned supporters of #3 Duck in the second round, ultimately prevailing with 57% of the vote.  Will Duck supporters fall in line behind the bird that vanquished their favorite? Will nostalgia for Thanksgiving and love of sandwiches power Turkey to victory? Will complaints that it is “dry” and “boring” be heard? Will this battle-tested meat be able to knock off the Poultry region’s #1 seed?

Wednesday: Seafood Region #1 Lobster vs. #6 Crab

#1 Lobster cruised past #8 Clams based on taste, prestige and its reputation as a delicacy, winning with 84% of the vote.  However, Lobster ran into a strong opponent in the second round, with #5 Shrimp capturing a healthy 42% of the vote. Lobster remains a strong competitor that can succeed on taste and prestige alone. But will concerns about its cost and availability ultimately sink this shellfish?

#6 Crab faced a tough first round match-up but proved they were underrated by the selection committee after defeating Salmon with 58% of the vote.  In the second round, Crab continued to assert its dominance by defeating foodie and Top Chef favorite Scallops with 61% of the vote.  It comes down to this: Crab feels slighted by their #6 seed and is out to prove its critics wrong.  Will concerns about how difficult it is to eat Crab cause it any problems? Will the taste and eating ritual associated with Crab power it to victory? Can this shellfish normally associated with Alaska and the Mid-Atlantic defeat Northeast darling Lobster?

Thursday: Pork Region #1 Bacon vs. #7 Ribs

#1 Bacon, long the favorite of internet foodies, wasted no time in laughing off its early competitors, taking 91% of the vote against Pork Chops, the highest vote percentage of any #1 seed in the first round.  BBQ lovers thought Pulled Pork might give Bacon a fight in the second round, but Bacon tossed aside its competition, winning a stunning 78% of the vote.

#7 Ribs has been the Cinderella story of the entire Meat Madness tournament.  Despite pleas from Sausage supporters that Ribs lacked versatility and consistency, BBQ lovers rushed to the defense of their favorite meat.   Sausage lovers, believing their meat had the chops to go all the way to the Final Four, were stunned when Ribs defeated Sausage with 58% of the vote in the first round.   Proving their victory was no fluke, Ribs expanded their margin in the second round, taking out foodie favorite Prosciutto with 69% of the vote.  Bacon represents probably the strongest foe possible, but throughout the competition Ribs supporters have been out in full force. Can their Cinderella run continue?

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5 Responses

  1. rossitron

    the coverage of meat madness is far more entertaining than anything on espn for the ‘other’ madness.

  2. Raiders757

    I agree, Rossitron. ESPN blows. This tournament is far more entertaining.

    I still think this will come down to Bacon and Steak. I really do love Bacon, but when I think about it, if I had to live without one or the other, would take Pork Chops or Pulled Pork over it.

    I don’t eat much seafood at all, so I am curious which one will win between Lobster and Crab. I really though Scallops would prevail, as all of my seafood loving friends speak of them as if their nuggets of gold.

    Steak is going to destroy Lamb.


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