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Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed.  Ground Beef (3) defeats Venison (6) 72% – 28%. Lamb(2) defeats Corned Beef(7) 67% – 33%.

In yesterday’s voting, Lobster defeated Clams and Shrimp defeated Tuna.

After having completed all the #1 vs. #8 seed and #4 vs #5 seed match-ups, we now move on to the #2 vs. #7 and #3 vs. #6 battles.  Interestingly, #5 seeds prevailed over #4 seeds 3 out of 4 times in the past week. Are there bigger upsets on the way? Will a #2 or #3 seed fall in the first round?

Today we return to the “Red” Meat bracket, where Ground Beef (3) takes on Venison (6) and Lamb(2) takes on Corned Beef(7).

Polls will be open until noon tomorrow, so get your votes in. Feel free to use the comment sections to explain your vote or argue for who you think should win.


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8 Responses

  1. Cary

    Wow. Venison is getting killed by Ground Beef. I never thought Ground Beef had a chance. While versatile, thinking about ground beef just sitting there makes me kind of sick.

    While venison chili is the greatest thing ever………….mmmmmmmmmmmmm….

  2. euphrosini

    People just don’t have enough exposure to the wonder that is venison. And i’m extremely saddened ANYONE even voted for corn beef when Lamb was in the race… you people ….

  3. Antonio

    I voted for corn beef and ground beef on the basis of versatility and everyday function.

    Corn beef hash during breakfast enough said.

    i would of rather saw venison and lamb head to head.

    A ground beef is a staple it can a hamburger, in spaghetti , and a variety of other tasty meals.

    Lamb is great I don’t deny, but I can’t eat lamb everyday. or atleast cant afford to. lol

  4. rossitron


    living in san diego, you generally don’t see ground beef in tacos. this is generally a good thing. i LOVE the tacos down here. that being said, ground beef, with all the fat, can take on seasoning like none other. i love making tacos at home with ground beef.

    obviously, this is only one of the many ways ground beef rules school.

    honestly, i’ve only had venison maybe twice in my life. i have to admit that i’m biased in that respect.

    corned beef is very tasty, but lamb is less occasion specific, found in more types of cuisine, is generally more versatile when it comes to cooking and pairing.

    kabab. ’nuff said.

  5. Dr Paisley

    There is nothing tastier than Bambi’s mother, especially wrapped in bacon.


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