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Update: Voting on these two match-ups is now closed.  Steak defeated Roast Beef in a landslide, 88% to 12%.  Buffalo just barely edged out Veal by 13 votes, 52% to 48%.

Welcome back regular So Good readers.  And welcome new readers enticed by the lure of voting for different meats! Today marks the official start of  So Good Presents: Meat Madness.  We will be voting on two different first round meat match-ups each weekday for the next 8 days until we have all our second round competitors.  With 16 first round match-ups that means by next Friday/Saturday we will know who has been victorious and moved on to the second round.

Voting will be open for 24 hours for each first round match-up. At approximately noon each day I will post the new meat pairings and declare an official winner from the previous days match-ups.  In the rare case of a tie vote at the exact moment the poll expires, I will re-open the vote for an “overtime” period for additional voting.

We kick off the first round of voting with the top part of the Red Meat bracket. Steak vs. Roast Beef and Veal vs. Buffalo.  The winners of these two match-ups will play each other in the second round.  Should be interesting!


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17 Responses

  1. Bologna Lobby of America

    Dear Mr. Eick,
    I write today to respectfully request that you immediately cease your “Meat Madness” tournament, which has so hatefully neglected the great contributions of bologna to American society. Bologna, perhaps more than any other meat, is synonymous with the great American sandwich.

    I have also been in conversation with the kind folks at Spam, who are also alarmed by your cruel exclusions. It is my sincere hope that you will take swift action to correct this injustice.

    Warmest Regards,
    Bob “Bologna-lover” Barton
    President, Bologna Lobby Association of America

  2. shatraw

    maybe next year, bob, when eick does a “miscellaneous meats” bracket.

    also, why can’t i vote, eick? there’s no way i can stand for this buffalo beating veal outrage.

  3. Paul

    Buffalo is so superior to veal, I can’t even begin to fathom your response.

    1. Buffalo is tender, delicious, and healthy
    2. Veal kills little babies

    Vote Buffalo!

  4. Moo-ved to Post...

    Calves raised for veal are taken from their mothers immediately after birth and raised so as to deliberately induce borderline anemia. Calves are then denied basic needs, including access to their mother’s milk, access to pasture and exercise and often prohibited from any movement at all in order to produce the pale-colored flesh for which veal is coveted.

    Calves confined in veal crates, usually measuring 2-feet-wide, cannot turn around, stretch their limbs, or even lie down comfortably. Scientific research indicates that calves confined in crates experience “chronic stress” and require approximately five times more medication than calves living in more spacious conditions. It is not surprising, then, that veal is among the most likely meat to contain illegal drug residues, which pose a threat to human consumers. Researchers also report that veal calves exhibit abnormal coping behaviors associated with frustration including head tossing and shaking, kicking, scratching, and stereotypical chewing behavior. Confined calves experience leg and joint disorders and an impaired ability to walk.

  5. Youppi

    c’mon shatraw, there HAVE to be some upsets. This one makes sense.

    Plus, you were raised upstate, you should LOVE Buffalo…

  6. Raiders757

    How can roast beef be the #8 seed in this bracket? It blows buffalo and veal away. Steak is going to win it all anyhow.

    Veal should be outlawed. Anyone who eats veal, should be taken behind a woodshed and beat until they become their own tender pile of flesh.

  7. Skiff

    I am going to log into every computer I see to vote for Veal because:

    1) Its tender and delicious.
    2) I HATE the PETA jerks.

    Go Veal. And Venison.

  8. jesuisbete

    Degrees of cruelty. If you have no problem with eating meat you should have no problem with eating veal. Most feedlot cattle live in conditions that are barely better than veal calves anyway.

  9. shatraw

    carnivores debating the more humane methods of killing their food sources are sadly out of touch with the reality of, k’know, killing something.


  10. Raiders757

    You have a point Shatraw, and a good one at that. The thing is, i’ve seen how it’s done first hand, and it bothered me a hell of a lot more in how the cows are treated to produce veal than the other way. It was just fugged up.

    That said, I hate PETA moe than most anyone, being that they’re headquartered not far from me. PETA sucks!

  11. shatraw

    for me, there’s just no difference in letting a food animal have a shitty life vs. lulling it into a life of luxury and happiness before sweetly luring it to it’s death. in fact, the later is some more fucked up if you really think animals have souls. imagine being that poor cow.

    “i love this field. this field is great. got the good sunshine. and a hill. oh look, the farmer! i love the farmer! he pets my head and gives me food. mmm…free food. i’ll go see the farmer. what’s that in his hand? is that a gun? no… no… i thought we were past this! no, i thought we were friends. NO!!!!”


    humanely slaughtered meat. fucking please.

  12. Pierre T.

    It’s a sad day when buffalo, while delicious, beats out veal, not because of its (non-)superior taste, but because of “food politics”.

    Veal tastes better. Buffalo is great, but it’s just not better. I’m sorry that your imaginary slaughtering scenario for veal involves weeping calves and sad violin music, though. I’m sure buffalo laugh and joke around with the butcher over some beers while its being slaughtered.


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