In what will continue to be a staple of So Good (see the first question posed, Circus Peanuts vs. the McRib), today’s Would You Rather? question should prove to be a difficult one for many (unless you are a vegetarian, in which case, you are a narc).

Would You Rather?

Option #1: You can never drink beer of any kind again for the rest of your life. You can still drink wine or hard alcohol.


Option #2: You can never eat red meat of any kind again for the rest of your life. No steak, no burgers, nothing. You can still eat chicken, fish or other kinds of meat.



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11 Responses

  1. Youppi

    No Meat? You’re out of your mind. Especially since I still get wine and the hard stuff. Adios Beer. Now shovel that meat down my throat.

    Eick; would you rather that every sandwich you eat/make for the rest of your life had to be served on white bread (not white toast, not sesame seeds on the crust, just good ol’ white bread, this also includes bugers as a meat sandwich)?


    you can never have any dressing/condiment (mustard, mayo, ketchup, oil&vinegar, butter, 1000Island, tomato sauce on hot subs, etc…) on a sandwich. It would have to be “dry”, but you could have it on any bread/hero/roll?

  2. shatraw

    if i gave up red meat, just think of how much more beer i could drink…

    calorie swap!

    eick, make it happen. i think this could be a new “diet.”

  3. Jon Eick

    Hey Youppi, I ask the would you rather questions around here, not you.

    That’s a good one though, perhaps I will post that one today. If you think of others, e-mail me instead of tainting the comments of my blog with your unauthorized suggestions.

  4. Gstaff

    Pretty much a no brainer for me. I enjoy beer, but when it comes down to it, I’d rather have a Jack and Coke (or Jack and Diet so I can become a svelt looking young man).

    To quote Rae Dawn Chong in Commando: “This guy eats too much red meat!” This is especially true after discovering Fogo de Chao. Eick, you need to take a recent paycheck and check this place out….

  5. Youppi

    Sorry about that. Your WYR’s are just sooo exciting, it’s easy to get carried away.
    please answer, though, at your discretion, Senor Sandwich.

  6. Youppi

    That wasn’t a sarcastic “sooo”, it was more in the tone of “sooo good”, btw.

  7. Jon Eick

    For the record, I would give up red meat. I’m fine with drinking wine and hard alcohol, and I do looooove burgers and steaks, but having just been in Vermont and experienced supremely delicious beer once again, the thought of giving up beer makes me shutter. I’d be fine with Chicken and Turkey.

  8. Chris Soden

    when u cook the red meat canu dump beer on it to give it that good taste? cause u wodent be drinking it

  9. SkippyMom

    No red meat? No way…I love a cold beer, but I could compensate for that with an icy lemonade – but you can’t replace red meat with an acceptable substitute – soy? tofu? Not happening.


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