For the first of what will be many future Would You Rather? questions, I pose this question to you:

Would You Rather?

Option #1: You are locked in a windowless room with nothing but a table, a chair, a bed, a couch, a toilet and 10 cases of bottled water. You cannot leave that room until you have eaten 400 4 oz. bags of circus peanuts.


Option #2: You must eat TWO McRib sandwiches a day for an entire year. You are not responsible for obtaining them each day, they will simply appear in front of you when you want them to appear.


To read up on McRib nutrition facts, click HERE and scroll to the bottom.

To read up on Circus Peanut nutrition facts, click HERE

Important factors to consider: How many bags of circus peanuts a day could you eat if you really pushed yourself? How gross do you think the McRib tastes?

Other factors to consider: Heart disease, Type-2 diabetes, SuperSize Me, mental sanity


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15 Responses

  1. Gstaff

    Gimme the peanuts. I’m a fast eater and don’t want to be roped into the McRib for a whole year.

    Of course, the loophole here would be that the McRib probably isn’t going to be available year round.

  2. JRT

    Ditto with Gtaff.
    If it was one daily McRib, I would take that option – but 2?

    Also, I want to get over it in one fell swoop. Done and done.

  3. Attiya

    I was going to pick the McRib butt then I looked at the pix on the Fast Food Facts.

    I like Circus Peanuts – thus, option 1.

  4. Mattraw


    When you’re talking about consuming 1600 oz. of something with only water – and the sweet embrace of a sugary death – to break the monotony, “like” doesn’t enter into it.

    Assuming the bag shown above is 4 oz., just imagine eating a whole bag. Then imagine eating 10 bags. Every day. For 40 days. Without moving more than 10 feet.

    I’d start eating red “meat” rather than deal with that…McRib it is!

  5. shatraw

    this is a revolting question eick.

    two mcribs is so excessive. why not just one? that way, over a year, it’s approximately 1 bag per mcrib.

    but fuck it. i go mcribs. at least i have my freedom, and the freedom to vomit and eat something that’s not a mcrib.

    by the way, i love this blog. it’s like we live together again.

  6. Kelt

    On a pure calorie basis, assuming there are 20 peanuts per bag and the nutrition information is for 1 oz., the peanuts will deliver 240,000 delicious calories. At 3,500 calories to make a pound of fat, the circus peanuts would make you gain 68 pounds before you could attempt to waddle out of your cpators prison room. Confronting your tormentor at this extreme weight for the revenge that MUST be exacted upon the sick bastard that did this to you (Jon, I’m assuming) may be difficult.

    On the other hand, the McRibs at 490 calories each will deliver 357,000 meateriffic calories, slathered in barbecue goodness. You’ll gain 102 pounds from this experiment, but taken over a year as part of a nutritious breakfast instead of as a multi-day SAW-style challenge, you’d probably actually gain much less weight. And you’d have a year to exercise it all off Rocky-montage style as well. Then you can really make that bastard pay.

  7. Sarah Grace

    Jesssssuuus. That’s a pretty nasty “Would you rather?” set up. Nicely played, Eick. Nicely played.

    I’ll go with the McRib. I’d have diabetes in about 10 seconds with the peanuts.

  8. ruca bangs

    I chose McRib X 2.

    I would cut one in half. Thats 1/2 for Breakfast, 1/2 for Lunch, and the full final for dinner.

    For days when feeling queesy, simply take out the ‘meat’ for the first one and you have a prisonesque salad. Bread, onion, pickle, BBQ. Then wash it down with a full sandwich! Or… scrape all the veggies into a salad appetizer and eat a double-stacker, no frills.

    To keep the weight off, lots of crazy army ranger exercises, Nic-Cage-Con-Air style!

  9. Youppi

    I would rather sew my mouth shut before eating even one lone circus peanut.
    mcrib me.

    “It’s made with spider sugar. … Doesn’t hurt the spiders!”
    – Grass Valley Greg

  10. Maggy

    I like both the McRib and circus peanuts. But I must exercise moderation when enjoying either of them.

    I have puked because I ate too much candy as an adult. I think it would only take me 3-4 bags to barf. But then, a whole year of the McRib would probably wear me down.


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