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Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed.  Lobster defeats Shrimp 58% – 42%.  Crab defeats Scallops 60% – 40%.

After a razor tight Lamb vs. Ground Beef overtime match-up that was decided by a mere two votes, it’s time to move on to a new region – the Seafood region. Today, #1 seed Lobster takes on #5 seed Shrimp, and #6 seed Crab takes on #2 seed Scallops.

Tomorrow, we will have our final Sweet Sixteen match-ups when Bacon takes on Pulled Pork and Prosciutto faces Ribs.

As always, you can base your vote on whatever criteria you think makes something a “top” meat. Be sure to share in the comments which meats you are supporting and why.


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4 Responses

  1. Peggasus

    NOOOO! Scallops are CLEARLY superior to crab! They have more natural sweetness, and obviously more texture than some fleshy BOILED meat pulled out of a bone in skinny strips that you have to work for to eat. Sorry crab, I like you too, but this is like choosing one child over another…and I pick scallops.

  2. Greggie

    This was the hardest one yet. Crab or scallops – there’s just no good choice. I went with crabs only because I grew up in crab heaven. But to never have a scallop again… the horror!

  3. rossitron


    as far as i know, there are no scallop-cakes.

    alright, full disclosure: i voted crab. however, i do love scallops. i think i voted with “tastes best with butter and garlic” on my mind. that’s pretty much how i think


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