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Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed. Chicken defeated Pheasant 89% – 11%. Rabbit defeated Ostrich 62% – 38%.

In the second Meat Madness vote yesterday, Bacon trounced Pork Chops 90% – 10% and Pulled Pork defeated Ham 68% – 32%.

For today’s match-up, we head over to the Poultry region.  #1 seed Chicken takes on #8 seed Pheasant, while #4 seed Rabbit takes on #5 seed Ostrich. And yes, I am fully aware Rabbit is not poultry. I explained at the beginning of the tournament that this was a random bracket assignment for Rabbit.  Polls will be open until noon on Sunday,  so get your votes in.  Feel free to use the comment sections to explain your vote or argue for who you think should win.

Make sure to come back to visit So Good on Monday for what should be an exciting day of match-ups:  Lobster (1) vs. Clams (8) and what I expect to be a bare-knuckle drag out fight between supporters of Tuna (4) and Shrimp (5).


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10 Responses

  1. Nate

    Pheasant is too obscure. Most people have never eaten it, and I suspect the percentage of Internet users is even less.

    Likewise for ostrich.

  2. K.S.H

    I love Ostrich. Never had pheasant though. Maybe Quail would have been a better choice?

  3. Jess

    One day when I was 9, I came home from school and my entire backyard was covered in fur. We had rabbit stew for months. True story, and I’d still vote for rabbit.

  4. Raiders757

    The poll isn’t showing up for me. It hasn’t all day. I only see [poll id=”30″]

  5. Raiders757

    Chicken is getting beat by pheasant? Where are all the regular eaters at today? I agree with the first poster. Not many have probably eaten pheasant, so the odds of it winning would be a fluke.

  6. Raiders757

    Second day in a row the poll hasn’t shown up.

    Mark me down for chicken and ostrich.

    This bracket needs to be left open longer as well. It just doesn’t seem enough have voted to declare a winner yet.

  7. porkygourmand

    Why make me choose between rabbit & ostrich… I want to have both. Pheasant vs chicken… The Pheasant wins…. The true trencherman’s choice.


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