No not me. God no, I would never do that. But one young man (duh, I mean would a woman be stupid enough to do this?) has created a Facebook group (now up to more than 16,000 members) that makes this very promise.


The only stipulation the group’s creator makes, is that while he promises to eat all the burgers, nuggets and fries associated with the various value meals in one sitting, he does not have to drink all 12 sodas, and is free to drink as much or as little as he wants during the process.

For those of you not up-to-date on your McDonald’s value menu, the list of all 12 meals appears below.


#1 – Big Mac
#2 – 2 Cheeseburgers
#3 – Quarter Pounder w/ cheese
#4 – Double Quarter Pounder w/ cheese
#5 – Big N’ Tasty
#6 – Double Cheeseburger
#7 – Chicken Ranch BLT Sandwich
#8 – Premium Chicken Club Sandwich
#9 – Chicken McNuggets (10 piece)
#10 – Chicken Selects
#11 – Premium Chicken Classic Sandwich
#12 – Fillet-O-Fish

I just went over to check out McDonald’s Nutrition Facts and determine what the total caloric intake for this feast would be. Assuming that each meal is eaten with the standard medium fries, the total caloric intake of this endeavor would be….wait for it….wait for it….. 10,710 calories.

To give you a sense of what it would take to burn those calories off, you would need to run 82 miles at an 8 minute pace OR have sex at a moderate pace for 87.8 hours. Hmmm…seems like an easy choice, and not just because I hate running.

So I have a few questions and rule clarifications I would like to address to those who are proposing this endeavor.


  • Do all 12 meals need to be purchased at once?
  • If yes, must they all be eaten in the restaurant? Or can they be taken home?
  • If they can be taken home, is any reheating of the meals allowed? Or will the food be allowed to get cold?
  • What is the definition of “one sitting?” Is the eater not allowed to stand up until done eating all 12 meals? Or are reasonable exemptions allowed for bathroom and stretching breaks?
  • Does the food need to be eaten in a customary manner, or are eating “tricks” allowed? For example, does each burger need to be eaten like a normal burger, or can a pile of burger patties be eaten separately from a pile of buns?
  • Is the eater allowed to deliberately cause themselves to throw up at any point in order to accelerate their ability to put down more food?
  • Does each individual meal have to be eaten on its own, or can the eater mix and match? For example, could all 12 bags of french fries be eaten first, then the burgers, or vice versa?
  • If an entire meal must be eaten separately before the next meal is tackled, can the eater go in any order of the 12 meals that they wish? Or must they start at meal #1 and work up to #12?

Personally, I think that all 12 meals should be eaten in order, from #1 through #12. Why? that will set up the final stage of the man vs. fast food challenge with perhaps the most intimidating McDonald’s sandwich of all: The Filet-o-Fish!


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  1. Lemmonex

    Sex at “a moderate pace”? How does one calibrate this?

    And I have no idea what the big and tasty is, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for the Big Mac.

  2. Flashish

    Why does everyone always have to hate on the filet o’ fish? I think it’s much better than their half soy burger patties or those chicken McNuggets that are apparently formed the same way as particle board.

  3. Doug

    The Big & Tasty is also known as the Big Xtra

    It’s basically a quarter-pounder /w cheese but add lettuce, tomato, an assload of mayo and the special MBX seasoning on the patty

    When it was new it had it’s own special patty and was delicious

  4. Anonymous

    Good thing this guy isn’t in Southern California, he’d have to eat 3 Angus burgers!

  5. Master Bates

    No, a typical woman would suck a male member and catch a fatal venereal disease rather than show the courage represented here. She would laugh as the male she caught it off tried to down the meals, and then go off to spread the HIV throughout the community on her very own. She would probably feel “Smart?”, just like you, too! Smile, Sweety!!

  6. Heywood Jablowme

    Only a FATCHICK could eat all that. Nobody likes FATCHICKS!! She could go lie down and die, instead. Probably improve community relations. Everybody would be happy with the outcome.

  7. shatraw

    whatever, i’ve been doing this for years. you only have to eat once a week!

    but for variety’s sake, mcdonalds is only once every 6 weeks. my favorite week is the in and out week

    1 – single single
    2 – double double
    3 – triple triple

    and so on. all animal style. no tomato. by the 10×10, you’ve killed 2 entire cows! in some locations, they do it right on the spot! mmmm…. fresh!

  8. J Temperance

    totally possible.

    i once ate 23 slices of pieces at a pizza hut lunch buffet. granted, the slices are not huge slabs, but that is a lot of bread and cheese (and some sauce).

  9. fun

    i would rather have sex at a “moderate pace” for 87.8 hours with rosie o’donnell than eat a filet-o-fish.

    well….ok, 8.78 hours. c’mon, it’s rosie o’donnell, by hour 10 the ugly would have to be literally rubbing off on you.

  10. Pic Money

    that crazy motha is one of my best friends.. im curently at base in the US army but shit ill fly home if this goes down ryan! even if im awol!

  11. Tyler

    No sandwich is as tasty and low-priced, as the custom dollar menu double cheeseburger with just cheese and Big Mac sauce! Yes all the wonderful flavor of the Big Mac, but with fewer carbs. If you have not tried this custom wonder of a sandwich you must, and trust me when I saw it will blow you away!


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