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Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed. Proscuitto (3) defeats Pepperoni (6) 57% – 43%. In the first major upset of the tournament, Ribs (7) defeats Sausage (2) 58% – 42%.

In yesterday’s voting, Ground Beef defeated Venison and Lamb defeated Corned Beef.

Today we return to the Pork bracket, where Prosciutto (3) takes on Pepperoni (6) and Sausage (2) takes on Ribs (7).

Polls will be open until noon tomorrow, so get your votes in. Please use the comment sections to state your case for which meats you think should win.


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19 Responses

  1. rossitron

    i think flavor-wise, sausage and ribs are even. however, texture-wise, ribs win out.

    eh, and i voted pepperoni. this is only because pepperoni is eick’s favorite pizza topping. ha.

  2. Skiff

    Sausage rules. Go sausage.

    Here’s my problem with Lukas’s “meat bracket” he had breakfast links & breakfast pattis squaring off. Infuriating: 1) its stupid and 2) he makes the case it depends on the day. I, as a link man, am offended by the suggestion that somedays I might prefer patties over links.

  3. Faith

    Prosciutto and ribs, FTW.

    And I say that with easy access to artisanal sausages (and artisanal prosciutto, to be fair).

  4. Hillary

    I don’t even eat pork anymore but I voted for sausage and pepperoni. I hate eating ribs (even beef) and pepperoni, when I ate it, was just too delicious not to vote for.

  5. shatraw

    c’mon, sausage is too good to face this kind of upset. a close match up, sure, but not an upset!

  6. Youppi

    SAUSAGE MUST WIN! SPICY, SWEET, BREAKFAST, BLOOD, ITALIAN!! Put it on Pizza, throw it in a pasta, edible alone, a super-sub to bacon at the breakfast table! Fast food? Sausage Egg & cheese sandwiches!

    Do I need to remind people of….*gulp* the McRib. Ugh. Aside from that, ribs are ribs. We know they’re good, but Sausage is a must win here. C’MON PEOPLE!!!!

  7. Seth

    Go Ribs! I could live without Sausage cause you can replace it with other pork substitutes.

    Pork Ribs are irreplaceable.

  8. Youppi

    I’m really shocked here. I’d never think sausage could be this far behind ribs.

    shrimp over tuna. ok, fine. whatever.

    Ribs over Sausage? Eick, maybe you should remind people that voting should not just be held to “someone’s favorite”, but also “You can base your vote on taste, cost, convenience, prestige, flavor”, availability, flexability (as a meal, topping, side)…

  9. shatraw

    also, it’s somewhat effortful to make good ribs. sausage is so good in so many forms in so many ethnic variations. so many people of the world have a different version of sausage… and most of them are delicious!

  10. gay

    ribs are the fucking tits, and that’s why they’re winning.

    when was the last time anyone had “bad” ribs? answer? never! it doesn’t happen. shit, even the mcrib is good, and it doesn’t have bones nor is it even ribs! it just resembles ribs, and so therefore it’s awesome.

  11. Well Done Fillet

    ribs are awful…..too much like hard work for a piss poor return…..good hand crafted sausages are the mutts nuts though…..

    sausage will not win this…..

    I wonder if it’s a location thing. I would bet if I run the same poll for my Irish readership that sausage would beat ribs…..

  12. Miles

    I agree. I feel like ribs vs. sausage is an unfair match-up. Sausage is not a meal (unfortunately). Ribs are. So, ribs might win because it is more filling. Thing is, there is a lot of bad ribs out there and they vary so much. But sausage is good in so many forms and you don’t have to be a genius to make it or enjoy it. A world without sausage would be sad.

  13. rossitron

    first off, making either of these items from scratch at home is difficult, so you can’t say ribs are too much work. making homemade sausage would require me to get a meat grinder. i don’t have one. i can make ribs any number of ways and still have them come out tender and delicious.

    second, i think it was youppi who brought up the mcrib. really? i mean, really? since when is that a rib? i would argue that a sausage from mcdonalds is no more than salt and vague meat taste (which isn’t necessarily bad), but would no better fair against a good rack of ribs than the micrib would against craft sausage. so don’t even go there.

    that also debunks comparing fast food sausage craft ribs. fast food does not compare to homemade food/food from a good restaurant (read: rib joint).

    obviously the people that are voting for sausage have little appreciation for the art that is bbq. bbq has created a very large community within the food world. moreso than sausage ever could. don’t get me wrong, i know sausage aficionados and restaurants that specialize in sausages. i appreciate these people as well. however, the bbq crowd is something else and can’t be touched.

    “too much like hard work for a piss poor return”? i suspect you have never had a rib. or maybe you’ve never had a rib by someone who knows what they’re doing. on another note, but i would put hours into ribs and not even have to eat them, as long as someone was enjoying them.

    another thing: ribs have WAAAAYYY more potential than any sausage can. that’s a fact. look it up. rubs, sauces, cooking styles.

    i’m sorry, i’m not getting this backlash against ribs. frankly, i’m surprised that ribs are seeded so low. i think sausage may have *snuck* in there because it is versatile. by versatile i mean you can make it cheap and in vast (astronomical) quantities. sausage loses to rib in every important category.

    taste, potential, variety, ease of cooking, fun to eat, looks (yes, ribs are more attractive than sausages, i said it), messiness (the messier, the better), cookouts, universal appeal, they once saved chuck norris’ life.

    okay, so ribs don’t necessarily have universal appeal, which is seen in the comments here. they did save chuck norris’ life, though. it’s a fact.

    rant over.

  14. Eick

    Rossitron – brilliant.

    While I voted for sausage over ribs due to their versatility and variety, I love me a good slab of ribs as much as the next guy, and I get what you are saying about BBQ.

    When I did the seedings it wasn’t a prediction of outcome or even my own preference – tried to consider what are the most “popular” meats and well known meats – some of those stand on their own merits, others are overrated. It’s interesting to see the upsets that have, or will soon emerge, showing maybe certain meats are overrated, while other are just less well known but loved…..

  15. shatraw

    look, don’t get me wrong, i love ribs. but when it comes to meat madness, i’ll take sausage. ribs rely entirely too much on the strength of the grillmaster or chef and sauce. the meat itself does not stand on it’s own. ribs might have a higher ceiling, but sausage hits for a way better average.

    just think about how disappointing mediocre ribs are. so disappointing, right? god, it kills me…

    meanwhile, sausage puts of a lot of ground up, slightly off-putting parts of animal in some intestine casing and it’s delicious.

  16. Cary

    Sausage CAN be a meat. Go into a Polish deli with some sick mustard and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    But still, hilarious to see ribs win this if only to disappoint Youppi.

  17. Eick

    A perfect rack of ribs I would take over a perfect sausage 100% of the time. But as many people point out, mediocre ribs are everywhere. Order ribs at plenty of restaurants and they just ain’t that great. Give me the versatility and variety of sausages, which can be solid whether cheap, moderate or expensive.

  18. Cary

    Also, the idea that ANYONE voted for pepperoni over prosciutto is a goddamn shame.

    Where else beyond pizza and antipasto does one get pepperoni? Nowhere my friends.

    You haven’t lived till you’ve had prosciutto and melon.


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