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Update: Voting is now closed. Crab (6) defeats Salmon (3) 57% – 43% and Scallops (2) defeat Mussels (7) 69% – 31%.

In yesterday’s voting, Prosciutto defeated Pepperoni and Ribs upset Sausage.

Today we venture back to the Seafood bracket, with what I think will be two VERY interesting match-ups. Salmon (3) takes on Crab (6) and Scallops (2) take on Mussels (7).

The Tuna/Shrimp battle was not as close as I expected, but I anticipate a real battle between Crab and Salmon. I’m sure there will be supporters from the Mid-Atlantic region and the Northwest that are each very passionate about those respective meats.

Polls will be open until noon tomorrow, so get your votes in. Please use the comment sections to state your case for which meats you think should win.


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12 Responses

  1. CRAB

    Here’s the thing about salmon versus crab…

    Salmon has the potential to be great IF it’s prepared well, with a tasty marinade or garnish. But crab, if it’s fresh, is AWESOME just by virtue of its own crabby flavor. If it’s fresh crab, it’s most delicious eaten right out of the shell with nothing on it (or a little butter sauce if anything). I think that means something. Crab is inherently delicious – delicious by its own virtues, not by the efforts of chefs.

  2. BS

    an upset in the making!
    In my book crab should be the #1 seed…give me a bushel of maryland crabs with old bay over the same tired salmon any day. OK, now that I’ve said that crab vs. scallop is gonna be a really hard one.

  3. not that weird

    You people are sick. Do you know how versatile salmon is? It’s like sea bacon. Go back in your holes you crazy fools.

  4. Nathan

    I’m glad to see that mussels are taking a beating right now. Scallops shouldn’t even need to be that great (they are), to win that matchup.

    Between the texture and those beards, mussels are NOT GOOD.

  5. Cary

    When saying “crab” out loud, there’s almost a 95% chance that someone overhears you and thinks of venereal disease.

    I’ll opt for salmon, thanks.

  6. gents

    love the bracket, wanted to ask a favor. i know it might be a bit of work, but could you update the entire bracket after each round of voting? i think it would ramp up excitement, and it’s great to get a total visual of the tournament. thanks again for the awesome blog!

  7. Eick

    Gents – Not a problem at all, I was actually planning to do just that. Once the the Round One voting match-ups are completed on Saturday, I plan on updating the entire bracket to reflect the Round One voting.


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