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Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed.  Chicken defeats Rabbit 91% – 9%. Turkey defeats Duck 57% – 43%.

Now that we are in the second round and the weaker seeds have been weeded out, we should have some tough, tough battles ahead.

Here’s what we have to look forward to Wednesday and Thursday: Lobster vs. Shrimp, Crabs vs. Scallops, Bacon vs. Pulled Pork and Proscuitto vs. Ribs. DAMN. Those are some heavy hitters of the meat world.  Every single one of those match-ups should be great.

Today we return to the Poultry region where #1 seed Chicken faces off against #4 seed Rabbit (yes, I know Rabbit is not a bird, we went through this already) and #2 Turkey takes on #3 Duck.

In the first round, Chicken got egg on the face of Pheasant, winning with a solid 89% of the vote, while Rabbit hopped away with 62% of the vote against Ostrich.   Turkey gobbled up 83% of the vote vs. Quail, while Duck waddled it’s way to 71% of the vote against Cornish Hen.

Voting will be open until noon tomorrow. Please use the comment section to argue for which meat you are supporting in each of these two match-ups.


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12 Responses

  1. Youppi

    RIDICULOUS! Turkey is already losing to Duck? BY 4 VOTES!!! you’re kidding me.

    Turkey Sandwich, Turducken, Turkey Burgers, Turkey Legs at Ren Fairs, Turkey BACON. An Eick personal fave – Salsalito Turkey!!

    Don’t blow this one, So Good Readers…

    oh and one last thing, people; THANKSGIVING.

  2. Bob K

    I am so effing SICK of turkey, at least the overfed, overbred American kind. Its ‘versatility’ has made it the tofu of meat, finding its way into dishes it has no business being in. Turkey only enters this house on major holidays, and that’s under protest.

  3. Shaun

    I am over turkey also. Turkey is everywhere, and so boring. I prefer not to eat that dry, bland bird anytime outside of thankgiving.

    Duck FTW! Go to france and try some duck confit; go to china and try some REAL peking duck. Save some duck fat while you’re at it and come home and roast your veggies in it. Then tell me you’d actually vote for turkey. You won’t.

  4. Greg

    Turkey, so dull I can only tolerate it once a year. Nostalgia is not enough to get my vote.

    Duck, your all dark meat is something to enjoy in many different ways (medium rare breast, confit legs, Asian-style crispy skin).

    Don’t you think it odd in a turkey vs duck face-off that turducken is mentioned as a reason to vote turkey?

  5. Mike

    count me among the turkey- haters. So many delicious ways to make duck, so many boring ways to make turkey. sliced deli turkey is fine for a sandwich when you really don’t feel like challenging yourself, but roast turkey? is there a more boring protein out there?

  6. Raiders757

    How can anyone completely hate turkey? I don’t eat it it all of the time, so maybe that’s why I’m not sick of it.

    Duck? Never have liked it. Not that I get to try it often, but it’s never done a thing for me. I have good and bad. The bad being very greasy. I would say the best being made by an avid hunter I know, who knows how to cook wild game really well.

  7. Altissima

    Turkey is not so ubiquitous in Australia. Some have it for traditional Christmas dinner, but otherwise it is not common at all. Duck is probably more common due to the popularity of asian dishes containing duck. Also European inspired duck dishes appear in fancy restaurants. Every time I eat turkey i think it’s kind of like chicken, but not as nice.

  8. rossitron

    “Turkey Sandwich, Turducken, Turkey Burgers, Turkey Legs at Ren Fairs, Turkey BACON.”

    these might be the lamest reasons to vote for something i’ve ever heard. i remember the 2004 presidential election, too, so i’m not inexperienced.

    seriously, duck is going to lose to possibly the most bland bird to set foot on a table?

    pffttt…. i’m going to sleep now. ugh.


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