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Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed.  Duck defeats Cornish Hen 71% – 29%. Turkey defeats Quail 83% – 17%.

In yesterday’s voting, Crab defeated Salmon and Scallops defeated Mussels.

Today we venture back to the Poultry region for the final match-ups of the first round. Duck (3) takes on Cornish Hen (5) while Turkey (2) takes on Quail (7).

Polls will be open until noon tomorrow, so get your votes in. Please use the comment sections to state your case for which meats you think should win. Don’t forget to head back to So Good next week when the second round match-ups will begin. Should be some AWESOME second round battles.


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5 Responses

  1. BS

    turkey sucks. a boring, tasteless standby that always does pretty well but never seems to impress anymore. Turkey is Duke.

  2. Brian

    Cornish hens are so one dimensional. Duck wins. No contest. With duck you get duck fat, foie gras, and an important part of the turducken.

  3. Miles

    What about those turkey legs you can buy at a Renaissance Fair? Those things are awesome to walk around with. Who doesn’t want a big bone of meat in your hand to nobble on while you walk?


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