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Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed.  The Bacon juggernaut rolls on, crushing Pulled Pork 79% – 21%.  Ribs also continued it’s dominate march, destroying Prosciutto 69% – 31%.

Today marks the final match-ups of round 2 voting. After today’s vote we will be down to our Elite 8 meats.  Because this is the final vote of this round, and I’m getting the poll up a little late, voting on these match-ups will close tomorrow at 3 pm.

Today’s vote pits #1 seed Bacon vs. #5 seed Pulled Pork.  In the first round Bacon sizzled to victory with 90% of the vote against Pork Chops.  Pulled Pork beat up on Ham, 68% – 32%.

Today’s vote also sees #3 seed Prosciutto take on #7 seed Ribs. In the first round Prosciutto edged out Pepperoni 57% – 43%.  In a stunning first round upset Ribs defeated Sausage 58% – 42%.

As always, you can base your vote on whatever criteria you think makes something a “top” meat. Be sure to share in the comments which meats you are supporting and why.


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14 Responses

  1. Noms

    Prosciutto prosciutto prosciutto all the way! I can say I’ve had bland and flavorless dry-as-the-dessert ribs, but I can never say I have had even mediocre prosciutto!

    Prosciutto is the indestructable meat! You can’t mess it up! I have no idea what prosciutto kryptonite might be, but I sure as hell know that ribs are easier to cook wrong than cooked right. Think about it.

  2. Sean

    Think about proscuitto with melon before you even consider voting ribs. I know ribs can be delicious, but a lot of ribs are awful. Prosciutto is amazing in about everything it touches.

  3. Peggasus

    Go Prosciutto! (Sorry, Noms, but you can mess up proscuitto: by COOKING it! Who does that? Too many people, sadly.)

    With melon, figs, cheese, asparagus, it reigns supreme!

    I think it will lose just because not everyone has tasted its sublimeness.

  4. Mike

    I’d have gone with serrano or iberico over ribs, but i’m a little bored with proscuitto right now. It’s kind of a one-trick pony. On the other, hand, just as there are many ways to ruin ribs, there are as many ways to make them almost pornographically good.

    Meanwhile, could the bacon backlash be underway? bacon took pork chops 90%-10%, but now is only up by a 3-1 margin. assuming that ribs wins, i think bacon’s gonna have a real fight on its hands to make it to the final four. And fwiw, i’m voting ribs all the way .

  5. Mishi

    Bacon v. Pulled Pork was tough. I mean, they’re both so delicious! But when I stopped to really think about it? Thinking of bacon generates an “mmm…bacon” reponse. A clear winner.

    As for the other? Choosing ribs was a no-brainer.

  6. Brian

    I can’t vote against bacon but who doesn’t love pulled pork. I was assuming carnitas wold also be in the pulled pork category. That made my vote for bacon a little tougher.

    I prefer prosciutto over ribs. How can you not love it? You take the leg of a pig, cure it, and then hang it in a refrigerator. Anytime you want some prosciutto just grab a knife and cut yourself a few slices. That’s man food!

  7. rossitron

    “there are as many ways to make them almost pornographically good. ”

    i’ve had ribs that could not possibly be rivaled by even the steamiest, sexiest pron

  8. plushpuppy

    ribs FTW. As someone who eats low salt proscuitto is too salty. Thank god for low salt bacon.

  9. John Burgess

    While pulled pork is can be excellent, it’s simply not in the same league as bacon. The worst bacon is superior to even the mediocre pulled pork.

    Because I choose to speed my demise through bacon, I’ll pass on the ribs… too much excess fat. Therefore, prosciutto (and its kin) has to take this category.

    In addition to figs, melon, and cheese, try it with mango…

    And for something completely mind blowing in several ways, the Tunisians make a prosciutto of wild boar, seasoned with juniper. Outrageous as it is delicious!


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