5 years ago today, I launched So Good with THIS post, declaring So Good to be “the first true humor/food blog.” I believe we lived up to that very quickly. In my inaugural post I promised three things:

1. “Absurd over-analysis of real foods that you and I eat every day”
2. “Thought provoking ‘Would You Rather?’ questions”
3. “Frequent over-use of the phrase ‘So Good.'”

If I do say so myself, we succeeded on all counts right out of the gate, and I hope we are still succeeding 1,811 blog posts later…wow that’s a lot!

What started as one dude having a few too many drinks and asking his friends absurd Would You Rather questions had morphed into a blog available for all the world to read. Thanks to a boost in media attention and readership after breaking the Papa John’s/Crybaby story, So Good began to grow and add new writers. We currently have 6 writers besides myself: Sam, JT, Andy, Mark, Peter & occasionally Cary. And a few contributors since departed.

Some of the staples of So Good’s beginnings remain, such as Would You Rather questions. Take a stroll down memory lane and read my first one ever, where I envisioned two horrifying scenarios involving Circus Peanuts & the McRib.

Or, stay nostalgic, and read my first two non-Would You Rather? posts ever: “Ketchup Lovers are Ruining Ketchup” and my ode to the Bacon Salt guys, “Honey, This Popcorn Needs More…..Bacon.”

Ah, memories.

Since then we’ve expanded beyond just Would You Rather questions, adding Rants, Eating Styles Polls, “I Try It So You Don’t Have To” and the first ever comic about a food blogger, Deep Fried Everything. Plus, who could forget our food brackets? Now at 4 years and counting –  Meat Madness, Fast Food Bracket, Snack Madness and Candy Madness.

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It’s been a fun 5 years for me, but I hope it’s been an especially fun 5 years for you, the reader. You are the reason this blog still exists. Thank you so much for your continued readership, support and interest in our content, posts, polls, brackets, Would You Rather’s and everything else that makes this blog so much fun to run, write and edit. And enormous thanks to all of our current writers, Sam, JT, Andy, Mark, Peter and Cary, who have kept the site chugging along with great new content every day – I couldn’t do it without you.

Here’s to another 5 great years?

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  1. dagrappler

    After I check the local news, FB and the comics, So Good is the next thing I check on when I check out the internet daily. Thanks so much for all the humor and fun stuff that you put on here…Here’s to another 5!

  2. Todd

    Thank YOU so much! I discovered So Good about 4 years ago and it’s a near daily visit for me ever since. Love the Would You Rathers!

  3. Mark

    Man, I have been reading this blog for a long time, though I still can’t remember how I initially stumbled upon it. Humorously though, I was just referencing the “Ketchup Lovers Are Ruining Ketchup,” about an hour ago, when I learned that in the Netherlands they regularly have all sorts of whacky condiments (including ketchup concoctions) for fries and snack food.

  4. RallySally

    COngrats on 5 years!

    I LOVE your food brackets, look forward to them every March! Don’t care about the real tournament lol.

  5. Tim

    As an Ohioan and Lebron lover (now hater) I had never heard of your site until you broke that Papa John’s story. Funny in retrospect – that got me really worked up then but now I think it’s hilarious.

    Nice work on 5 years, glad I discovered the site.

  6. E-Tek

    you (Eick) need to do more rants like you used to. I remember litereally spitting out my coffee when I first read your rant about pepperoni pizza.

  7. Mark

    Congrats Eick, I have been a reader and a fan for much longer than I have been writing here. It’s an honor and a pleasure to contribute.

  8. Marvo

    Congratulations to you and your staff!

    So Good’s birthday is easy to remember because it’s the day before ours.


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