Let’s have some fun with Google Analytics and take a quick look back at 2011. What blog posts got the most direct traffic in 2011? It should be noted that the So Good posts that get the most traffic in a given year aren’t always written in that year. For example, a 2010 post from JT about McDonald’s Global Redesign got linked to by Huffington Post, and as a result, got tons of traffic 7 or 8 months after it was originally written. Similarly, posts on the Best Selling Girl Scout Cookies, Best Selling Sodas and Top Ten Fast Food Chains always draw a lot of search traffic, year after year. Also, many posts are simply read by daily visitors on the homepage and they never go directly to the post URL.

However, here are the top ten So Good blog posts written in 2011 in terms of direct traffic:

1. Snack Madness: The Final Vote – by Eick
2. McDonald’s Fruit & Maple Oatmeal Violating “Maple Law” – by Eick
3. Shake Shack DC – by Eick
4. Eating Styles: Pizza Edition! – by Sam
5. The Greatest Food Truck Ever? – by Eick
6. Would You Rather: Pineapple vs. Grapefruit – by Eick
7. New Domino’s Chicken Wings – by Eick
8. Various Snack Madness Posts – by Eick
9. Triple Double Oreo – by Eick
10. Would You Rather? Chicken vs. Beef – by Eick

Thanks everyone for reading in 2011! With lots of great new writers (Mark, Andy, Peter) joining the team this fall and Sam and JT still going strong, we should have a great 2012 in store for you.

– Eick

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