Domino’s got a lot of press a little over a year ago when it totally revamped its traditional pizza recipe. I was proud to have been a part of that campaign while working with Domino’s social media team in my previous job and the new pizza recipe was a big success.

Now Domino’s has announced a revamp of its chicken wings and boneless chicken kickers (which was always one of my favorite items they offered). These are like the ones found on the Buffalo Wild Wings Happy Hour specials. Domino’s is pledging its new chicken is even better, and in addition to offering hot and BBQ, are offering up an intriguing sounding new flavor: Sweet Mango Habanero. Hey, I’m down to try that, sounds yummy.

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  1. Matt

    Buffalo Wild Wings has had mango habanero flavor for probably 10 years now. It is quite tasty!

  2. Rick

    I’ve never been a fan of their chicken products. The regular wings are slimy and meatless, and their kickers tend to be soggy. The pizza, however, is laced with crack.

  3. JenInChicago

    Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that the new pizza recipe is a success. Is it really? I find it to be a horrible change. They went with a spicier sauce and really turned their back on their key demo – KIDS. None of the kids I know want that pizza anymore. I certainly don’t. As for the new target demo being adults….what adults actually order from Domino’s or Papa John’s unless they’re having a big party?

    I just think they made a change for change’s sake.

  4. Jennifer

    We use their pizzas in our offices each week. About 20 of us all agree that the new domino’s pizza is much much better than the last. Our owner loves wings also and we just ordered some. Also my children love the new pizza.

  5. Michael

    The truth of the matter is the wings are quite smaller than the original ones. This is actually part of the internal spec now…smaller wings, fewer pieces. The boneless are supposedly just Kickers without the “kick” to them. In reality they took the spice out, added more filler (you know when you remove a breast from a chicken there’s stuff still left on the bones? That’s the filler now…whereas Kickers were originally just breast fillets cut up into shape) and give you smaller pieces now too (again, part of the specs). It’s amazing how many people are noticing this…I think this has the recipe for major FAIL on the part of Domino’s. And to make it worse it costs you MORE per ounce than it did before…so you are really paying more for less…much like the shampoo and ice cream manufacturers figured out. Only you can’t do it with food…people notice. With regards to the “new” pizza it gave stores a temporary bump until people got tired of it. Too bad Domino’s forced the change on people instead of giving them a choice (although you can order the “Inspired” pizzas without the spicy sauce and nasty oily crap on the crust). Did you know that the amounts of pepperoni and other portions were reduced on the “new” pizzas too? It’s true.

  6. Kimi

    The new pizza is delicious, but the thin crust still tastes like floppy cardboard, I LOVE the crust on the regular pie though, I just wish they would do like Pizza Hut or Papa Johns and make a SLICED crispy thin crust, instead of sqaured carboard. I tried the new wings the other day and I LOVED them but my problem was they weren’t as crispy as they looked on TV or on the pizza, if they added the hot sauce from the wings to cover the boneless ones I would order them everyday. I love the new wing sauce on the regular wings, its got a great kick without burning your mouth so you cant taste anything!

  7. Lucie

    Tried the new BBQ wings- worst BBQ sauce ever! My daughter wouldn’t even eat any, I ate one and am throwing the rest away. Awful. Love the pizza though

  8. jamie

    had the new wings last night.They were an awful mushy mess.I never had a chicken wing that didn’t anleast have alittle crunch.

  9. DAVE

    New pizza recipe really isn’t much of a change, it’s still crap. All they have to do is go back to whatever they did in 1980, cuz that was damn good pizza. The wings, however are AWESOME.


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