Yes, this appears to be real. Fresh off its Snack Madness victory, reports have been spreading  that Oreo is prepping for a national launch of the Triple Double Oreo. While some may be stunned that Oreo would make such a creation, AdFreak points out, “most of us have been making the exact same thing by hand since we were 7 years old.” Although based on the picture, this doesn’t appear to be a regular Oreo with triple the creme, but rather a double-decker, “Big Mac style” Oreo.

What do you think So Good readers? Do you want to try it?

Update: The Today show confirms through Nabisco that this product is real and hitting the market this summer. They also share a more detailed photo, which clearly shows the product contains BOTH vanilla and chocolate creme filling.

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  1. James

    they should make a giant orea ice cream cake like that. I would buy it every year.

  2. Foggy Dew

    Hmmm, looks like Nabisco may have gone a wafer too far with this one. Doesn’t mean I won’t test them but, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, Double Triple Oreos may be too much cookie for most humans.

    On the other hand, they do look about the perfect size for deep-frying…

  3. Justin

    If it’s Double Stuf for each layer, then that’s fail, because the ratio of creme to cookie will be way off, with way too much creme. However if it’s just the standard amount of creme, it should be decent.

  4. tonymacalpine

    wow, good to see the food companies continue to be creative with these so called limited edition varities. “Its New to You” NBC MUST SEE TV!

    Just like the 8,000 varieties of colored Cap’N crunchberries cereal.

  5. Mannys

    Just tried one and whatever idiot focus group told nabisco they were good should be shot!


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