The name, at least, seems pretty impossible to beat. The Grillenium Falcon is being run by the owners of Hammontree’s Take Home Gourmet, a restaurant specializing in made from scratch soups, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs. Their menu features movie themed names for the grilled cheese sandwiches, including a Cheebaca, which is white cheddar and their “house cheese” with bacon, pulled pork, grilled onions and garlic cilantro sauce on sourdough.

Via GeekOSystem.

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  1. halfdeserted

    I love the Grillenium Falcon! Their sandwiches are delicious. My fave is the Parmageddon– parmesan, sauteed mushrooms, prosciutto, and ricotta on parmesan-encrusted sourdough. Sooooo yummy!

    Also, I can’t believe Fayetteville, Arkansas made the So Good blog!


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