Last Thursday, So Good polled readers about hot dogs. This week, we’re sticking with the junk food thing to ask: how do you eat your pizza?

The above picture portrays our first pizza-eating style, commonly known as “New York style.” This basically means you fold your pizza in half to eat it (for the purposes of an even playing field, you can assume the shape of your pizza slice is also New York style). Although this style classically connotes New York street cred and badassery, most people who eat pizza the “regular way” are really eating it the New York way, since the floppiness of the pizza slice usually necessitates some sort of folding technique.

Eating your pizza with a knife and fork is a second option.

Popular with those trying to cut calories (because it forces you to slow down and savor), the benefits of this style also include not getting your hands greasy and the ability to formulate The Perfect Bite. Drawbacks: decreased mobility, dependence on more eating equipment, occasional scorn.

I’m not sure what the formal name for this style would be, a third option is raising your pizza to your mouth on a paper plate and edging it off gradually, taking bites as you go. It seems like this style would be useful for those insanely large pizza slices.

Some rebels eat their pizza backwards, which I think may be related to the introduction of stuffed-crust pizza.

If you adhere to a pizza-eating style other than these main four, make sure to check “other” and explain in the comments. Do you eat your pizza backwards? Scrape that gooey pizza junk out of the middle of the pizza box with your fork? Soak up the scary orange top-layer grease with a napkin?  Dip it in ranch? There are literally tons of ways to eat a slice of pizza, so tell us about your quirks. I promise we won’t judge.*

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*We’re totally judging.

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17 Responses

  1. Kat

    modified new york style – hand held without the folding. I don’t like how when you fold a pizza you get a mush of cheese and toppings so I hold it, praying for crust integrity, flat and nibble from side to side. Now if I have dipping cups of sauces i either ask for the pizza to be cut in strips or i rip the pizza slice in half to maximize sauce immersion. There you have it! Judge Away!

  2. Jennifer

    I hate getting messy, so that’s why I eat mine with a knife and fork.

    Actually I eat the toppings off the pizza with a knife and fork, then I suck the sauce off, and then I eat the crust.

  3. Scott

    Ha ha! Until I read Jennifer’s post I thought that I was alone in the world.

    The only exception being that I eat the soft part of the crust with the sauce. I have the dry crust on the side which I eat New York style, if it’s even possible to call it that at that point.

  4. Brenda

    Love the square-cut pieces of pizza and I take the pieces along the edges with the browned cheese.

  5. Melissa

    So, FYI, in New York they actually call folding pizza eating it “Jersey style.” Everyone knows that

  6. matt

    If I am buying the pizza – New York Style – but more if it’s a work, or social pizza event – gotta maximize on trips to the pizza boxes so I take 1 slice, then slap another on top of it, cheese to cheese and eat it like a pizza sammich. 2x the pizza, half the trips to the pizza boxes.


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