Update: Voting is now closed. Oreo (77%) defeats popchips (23%) to take the Snack Madness crown and title of greatest snack in existence.

A little under a month ago we created Snack Madness – a 64 snack tournament with Cookie, Cracker, Potato Chip and Misc. Snack brackets. This tournament is a follow-up to our popular Meat Madness and Fast Food Bracket tournaments in ’09 and ’10. We just wrapped a very interesting Final Four vote. Today, we begin our final vote to crown the greatest snack in existence. #1 seed Oreo takes on surprising finalist #12 popchips. Voting will conclude at 12 pm Saturday.

Click the bracket below to see all the match-ups and results thus far.

Oreo has cruised through the tournament with not even a scare from other contenders. After dispensing with some easy first round competition, they handily defeated Milanos to win the Cookie bracket, and easily beat Cheez-Its in the Final Four to advance to the final. (63% – 37%)

popchips has been the surprise of the tournament, crushing its early competition and besting such giants as Lay’s, Pringles and Doritos. popchips has incredibly loyal and passionate fans, and have been getting out the vote through social media. But they weren’t the only ones. When Kettle urged its Facebook fans to help them defeat popchips, it wasn’t enough. When Pringles asked their 11 million Facebook fans to vote for them over popchips I thought its cinderella run would be crushed to a bloody pulp – but popchips still eeked out a victory. Facing off in the Final Four against Doritos and its 1.4 million Facebook fans, popchips once again managed to prevail (57% – 43%). Amazing. Now they take on the grand daddy titan of the snack world: Oreo and its 17 million (yes, you read that right) Facebook fans. Can popchips dethrone the giant? Or will Oreo’s 17 million fans rise up and crush the popchips uprising? In 3 days time we will know, and a Snack Madness champion will be crowned.

Remember, you are voting for the snack you think deserves to be crowned the greatest snack in existence. You can base your vote on taste, cost, availability, variety of flavors, childhood memories, nutrition – whatever you deem “most important” in choosing a snack you like.


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96 Responses

  1. Jamie

    Popchips? Never heard of them before, american? So my vote has to go to oreos. They are so good wth milk

  2. Richard Colson

    What are Pop chips? Why are people mad that they can’t eat a bunch or Oreos in one sitting? Isn’t that good? It will save you money, and all the fat people eat pop chips.

  3. Owen

    Well, I have lived in Florida all my life any have never once heard of popchips, so I’m like, “WTF is that?” I think it’s kind of cool that a small company can stand up against Oreo.

  4. Gibby

    popchips don’t exist in west Michigan, nor have I even heard of them before now. OREOS OWN!

  5. Jacqui

    SO WE ARE THE #1 CHIP. I love Oreo’s but Popchips are poptastic and healthier. I get the best of both worlds with popchips

  6. WillRun4Oreo's

    Oreo’s all the way. The reason O’s are ahead is history – nobody remembers twirling open a popchip & dunking it in a big, ol’ cold glass of milk. And who has ever heard of popchip ice cream? Oreo’s, how do I love you? Let me count the ways….. fudge covered, regular, double stuff, chocolate mint…. think of your own – I’m going to get some Oreo cookies!!!!!

  7. Deegees

    OK, I had to Goggle ‘popchips’ because I have never heard of them.

    You all tout that Popchips are better for you than Oreo’s. Lets look at the nutritional value of a ‘serving’:

    popchip bbq flavor : 120
    oreo 160

    And for those of you that say you can eat the whole bag? A bag is THREE servings = 360 calories.

    popchip 4 grams
    oreo 7 grams

    popchip 250 grams
    oreo 160 grams

    popchip 20 grams
    oreo 25 grams

    popchip 1 gram
    oreo 1 gram

    Honestly? I know that Oreo’s aren’t the best thing going, but Popchips don’t look that much better.

  8. S

    @James… check Target or Safeway. Or visit popchips.com and do a search for retailers. It’s easy. Try ’em, and you’ll know why popchips is winning.

  9. cameron

    I am sorry to popchips. But I am the one who tipped off oreo and they finally posted it on facebook. I just couldn’t have us lose and this whole time not a single oreo fan noticed the contest. lol…

  10. wad11656

    The heck is a popchip? All these comments are just too similar…This is allsome kind ofscam in order to increase the brand’s popularity! 😮 Heh heh…I guess I just need to try the stuff (no pun intended [doubled stuffed]) now, either way…ha ha

  11. wad11656

    And I was kidding about my theory of some conspiracy where hundreds of workers were voting for popchips 24/7—I’m sure they’re good, but REALLY. This IS ridiculous. I don’t mean to be insulting, but who’s even HEARD of popchips??? Hmm…

  12. Desire

    Aww all these comments and popchip is still losing. 2,000+ votes. I guess people do love oreos. #teamoreo lmao

  13. Fia


  14. Boat

    Oreo is crushing popchips and isnt even scratching the surface of its nearly 18million strong facebook fan base! Oreo all the way!

  15. Bret

    I have never heard of pop chip, but I imagine it is “a foul, disease-ridden thing, that wears too much makeup to cover up the fact that it’s a 47 year-old fish-dog”.

    If you got the reference good for you!

  16. Lindsey

    I feel sorry for those of you who have not yet discovered popchips. They are scrumdelyicious! And unbelievably, they are also a healthy snack. Impossible but true.

  17. Wine Traveler

    Can you say ballot stuffing? Popchips are so awesome this should be a no brainer Oreo should be a close 2nd

  18. Wine Traveler

    Obvious cheating here as Oreos didn’t pull this many votes in weeks. We know popchips is better and Oreos suck since they took out the lard.

  19. andrea

    what the F is popchips anyways? i love my oreos, they they r just like me black N white!!!!

  20. anon

    I’ve never heard of popchips before, but I’ve been eating oreos my whole life. I can eat two boxes, no problem.
    Also; cookies and cream icecream and chocolate bars. Made with oreo. Oreo cake. Giant oreos. Peanutbutter, inside out, mint, holiday, and they’re all good. No one in my house ever says “man, I could really go for some popchips” but I hear that about oreos all the time.
    I’m a snack food junkie and oreos have always been my favorite, and I’ve tried mainstream, store brand, my mom’s healthfood snacks. I would even eat oreos before most home made cookies. Sandwich cookies are delicious, and oreo makes the best ones…
    I wish they made lemon ones though….

  21. Scott

    Fun idea! This reminds me of what one grocery store chain– local to Northern California– is doing, expect they’re taking the Easter candy angel: http://www.savemart.com/candybowl
    They’re taking votes on Facebook and updating the bracket on their website. It’s fun to see aggregated opinions on these things.

  22. Owen

    Yeah!!! get the hell out popchips and bring in the OREOS!!!! NOTHING can beat an oreo!

  23. Nick

    *sigh* oreos? really!? just another sign that america is obese. popchips all the way!!!

  24. Leslie

    What are these popchips you speak of? I have to find some of these, pronto. I loved the blog. As a new blogger and someone who just wrote about condiments as her latest post – I stumbled across this website. Very entertaining and an easy, fun read. I’ll be back!

  25. Rogan

    I know I’m late but here’s what I think. Even though popchips seem good, they are overrated and should NOT have made it this far. I mean, it beat America’s most famous and best-selling chip Lay’s, it beat the soft, variety-packed, salty Pringles, and it even beat the triangular, sturdy, and spice-packed Doritos. That sucks. Weep for the children! Also, I think Fig Newtons should’ve beat Tollhouse to get in the Sweet 16, and I even think that they should’ve beat MILANO. That’s how much I like them. I mean, if you’re asked to name a fruity cookie, you’ll instantly think Fig Newtons. And Goldfish should’ve made it into the final four due to its fun shape, it always smiles back, and its flavors. Pretzel, ranch, cheddar, chocolate, vanilla, s’mores, Parmesan, honey, and even PIZZA. 🙂


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