Update: Voting is now closed. Oreo (77%) defeats popchips (23%) to take the Snack Madness crown and title of greatest snack in existence.

A little under a month ago we created Snack Madness – a 64 snack tournament with Cookie, Cracker, Potato Chip and Misc. Snack brackets. This tournament is a follow-up to our popular Meat Madness and Fast Food Bracket tournaments in ’09 and ’10. We just wrapped a very interesting Final Four vote. Today, we begin our final vote to crown the greatest snack in existence. #1 seed Oreo takes on surprising finalist #12 popchips. Voting will conclude at 12 pm Saturday.

Click the bracket below to see all the match-ups and results thus far.

Oreo has cruised through the tournament with not even a scare from other contenders. After dispensing with some easy first round competition, they handily defeated Milanos to win the Cookie bracket, and easily beat Cheez-Its in the Final Four to advance to the final. (63% – 37%)

popchips has been the surprise of the tournament, crushing its early competition and besting such giants as Lay’s, Pringles and Doritos. popchips has incredibly loyal and passionate fans, and have been getting out the vote through social media. But they weren’t the only ones. When Kettle urged its Facebook fans to help them defeat popchips, it wasn’t enough. When Pringles asked their 11 million Facebook fans to vote for them over popchips I thought its cinderella run would be crushed to a bloody pulp – but popchips still eeked out a victory. Facing off in the Final Four against Doritos and its 1.4 million Facebook fans, popchips once again managed to prevail (57% – 43%). Amazing. Now they take on the grand daddy titan of the snack world: Oreo and its 17 million (yes, you read that right) Facebook fans. Can popchips dethrone the giant? Or will Oreo’s 17 million fans rise up and crush the popchips uprising? In 3 days time we will know, and a Snack Madness champion will be crowned.

Remember, you are voting for the snack you think deserves to be crowned the greatest snack in existence. You can base your vote on taste, cost, availability, variety of flavors, childhood memories, nutrition – whatever you deem “most important” in choosing a snack you like.


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96 Responses

  1. Oy

    I cannot eat a whole bag of Oreos in one sitting but Popchips??? They don’t stand a chance!!!

  2. Christina

    Who can eat multiple oreos?! Not me! But Popchips, I can eat an entire large bag in one sitting!! I am OBSESSED!!! YUM!

  3. Muserrr

    There’s no competition! PopChips may be snack food, but they are much tastier & healthier than any Oreo.


    Who’s that kid with the OREO cookie?


    popchips – it’s encouraged to eat the whole bag!

  5. James

    Holy crap, what the heck is oreo doing. how can some one with 17 million face book fans, the manning brothers, apolo ono, and donald trump be losing to this little know chip. this just blows my mind. last year resturant editions all the final four teams got really good responses from their social networks and fans, so it was a good end. This is just outrageous. I say kick oreo out and do this again with someone else who could possibly give pop chip a challenge. oh ya and pop chip you need to try and start selling in the gulf coast area. I have no idea what your chip brand is like so right now im ashamed to say it but going for oreo. also im a manning fan. 🙂

  6. deanna


  7. marianne

    What are popchips?????? Dosent matter Oreo all the way!!!!!!!!! I love double stuffed!!!

  8. mary

    lol to the dophins getting run over! Oreos are best hands down..popchips are good no doubt..but they are no oreo..oreos can be used to make so many other great snacks..a popchip is a popchip is a popchip.nothing more!

  9. kiki1972

    Oreos and a cold glass of milk. Need I say more. Double stuff is the bomb. Oreo will still be here when the popchip fad ends.

  10. Tru

    Hmm, Oreo winning and has 65% of the vote. Like it should. Popchips taste like crap.

  11. Katerina

    I LOVE OREOS!!!!! And for all of you that cannot eat a whole bag in one sitting two bad for you, because i sure can!!!!!!!

  12. Courtney

    Okay, can any of you honestly say you prefer popchips over oreos without thinking about calories? Oreos are so delicious, chips of any kind are in a completely different league. Cookies in general are better

  13. Kyle McDane

    What are pop chips? Never heard of them. Go OREOS! Who doesn’t like Oreos?


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