Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed. Oreo (63%) defeats Cheez-Its (37%) and popchips (57%) best Doritos (43%).

The Final Four is upon us! 3 weeks ago we created Snack Madness – a 64 snack tournament with Cookie, Cracker, Potato Chip and Misc. Snack brackets. Today, we have crowned our Final Four.  Now the representatives of each bracket must do battle to determine the best snack in existence. Voting begins today (Friday) and the polls will close at 12 pm est on Tuesday, April 12th. The two winners will face off in a final vote that will run from Tuesday at 12 pm to Friday, April 15th at 12 pm. Then, the first Snack Madness champion will be crowned.

Click the bracket below to see all the match-ups that got us to the Final Four and the outcome of each vote prior to this one. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments about the outcome of the voting so far.

Remember, you are voting for the snacks you think deserve to advance. You can base your vote on taste, cost, availability, variety of flavors, childhood memories, nutrition – whatever you deem “most important” in choosing a snack you like.

Our first Final Four match-up is the #1 seed from the Cookie bracket, Oreo, vs. the #4 seed from the Cracker bracket, Cheez-Its.

[poll id=”218″]

Our second final four match-up features the winner of the Potato Chip bracket, #12 popchips, taking on the winner of the Misc. Snacks Bracket, #2 seed Doritos.

[poll id=”219″]

Which of these snacks deserves to reach the championship match? Share in the comments who you voted for and why.

43 Responses

  1. Youppi


    Oreo vs. Cheez-Its is going to be a great matchup!

  2. Alfredo

    Fake and Fat vs Natural and Healthy….
    Tough decision :/
    Popchips all the way. And they taste better!

  3. Mary Csonka

    Popchips are the best snack of them all. Hope to see it make it to the final 2!

  4. thomas

    I’ve never heard of them either, I’m going to have to pick up a bag and give them a try.

  5. Mary-Ellen Smith

    I totally pop for PopChips! Especially the Vinegar and Sea Salt bags!

  6. smitty

    how can you people be debating this? Doritos are a national and cultural icon. I’ve never even heard of a popchip.

  7. Adizzle

    Wtf are popchips? And doritos are made with whole wheat corn soooo… Doritos wins. Seriously what are popchips?

  8. Asia Speaks

    Never had Popchips only Doritos so I can’t judge this fairly so no vote here this time around……btw they don’t carry any popchips here in my town.

  9. Avalon

    So much popchip hate in these last few comments. It’s a tough one, but I gotta give it to popchips!

  10. Mike

    doritos = sore losers. frito-lay sucks the fat one. popchips all the way. winning.

  11. Lis

    Popchips have a horrible texture… I can’t believe they beat all of the real potato chips. And the flavoring on doritos makes me throw up. Lose/lose, here.
    I’ll just cross my fingers for the oreos, I guess.

  12. G~

    Don’t you know, you should never wake a sleeping T-rex? Dorito’s “pop-chips” all day long

  13. heather

    Anyone who has not experienced popchips is missing out! The new kid in town you should def check out. Sweet snackin w/out the guilt…can’t beat it.

  14. Margarita Ibbott

    Honestly, my kids love popchips. I am so glad they are in Canada now. I was in San Diego last week and that is the first bag I grabbed. Didn’t even bother looking for another snack!

  15. Cynthia

    It doesn’t seem fair to compare Oreos with Cheezit’s. It’s like comparing chocolate cake with tacos.

  16. ted

    Will be hard to beat oreos cause with milk there’s nothing better. Doritos are nasty. Popchips are way better than Doritos for sure.


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