Last night, I attended the pre-opening party for the new Shake Shack location in Washington, DC.  This marks the 11th Shake Shack location in the United States, and 13th worldwide. The new DC outpost takes the space of the old Fuddruckers location in Dupont Circle and will soon be joined by a second DC location in Nationals Park. This self-proclaimed “roadside burger stand” officially opens today, May 17th at 11 am. While at the pre-opening party, I snapped a couple photos of the restaurant and the food.

Shake Shack features a menu of burgers, fries, hot dogs, shakes and frozen custard. The shakes, much like those at Good Stuff Eatery, are made from a custard, rather than an ice cream base, making them extra sweet and rich.

The star of Shake Shack’s food is definitely the burgers. Hormone & antibiotic free angus beef, the patties are cooked to a juicy medium. Unlike some area burgers, this is a relatively grease free affair – the Shake Shack burger has a clean, fresh taste.

The french fries served are crinkle-cut style fries like you see served at Nathan’s or maybe your high school cafeteria, although these aren’t your soggy cafeteria fries, as they all have a crunchy, crispy exterior.

The opening party was jam-packed, and while it may feel like higher-end burger places are reaching a saturation point in DC, I’d say it’s a pretty good bet that Shake Shack will thrive.

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  1. Jim

    I need to get out to DC soon… there are so many great eateries. This place looks amazing, who can argue with crinkle cut fries?

  2. Melody

    Elevation Burger is soooo overrated and the staff is rude. At least Shake Shack has a friendly atmosphere.

  3. Afo

    Goodstuff Eatery is about 70x better for the same price point and with far more topping options. How can you have a burger place without bacon as a topping? I will admit their fries are better than Goodstuff’s but that isn’t hard to do…

  4. burger junkie

    ew! DC doesn’t recognize a good burger (referring to the comments above). Shake shack is the best of the best..then again i’m being bias because I live in manhattan. and even with a million other places to choose from- shake shack is still number one. is it disgusting i actually had their shroomburger for lunch??

  5. HH

    Shake Shack is the best news I have heard since moving back to this dump DC. Finally some a little bit of NY in DC

  6. Obbop

    Far far from the locale with no intention of ever visiting the politician-infested place but…..

    can any joint offering crinkle-cut fries be all bad?

    Hereabouts, in Hillbilly Heaven with all its cultural backwardness, large percentages of sub-mans reveling in their ignorance; proud it it, in fact and where a vehicle atop concrete blocks in the front yard is considered a lawn ornament.

    Atop the Ozark Plateau where here and there and over yonder, y’all, ‘cross the ridge and the holler one can view the horde seeking fresh to semi-fresh roadkill, preferably possum, for supper.

    Hereabouts it requires a mighty search for a crinkle-cut fry and once found the odds of said fry to be sopping wet with grease that is too-often congealed due to lengthy delays between frying and serving that the ordering of said fries well…… that possum at stew back at the shanty and contending with 12 younguns for a portion doesn’t seem so bad.

  7. Katie

    I heard from a friend in NYC that a shake shack opened in DC and I can’t believe it’s true!


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