It’s time to look back upon another fun year at So Good. Thanks to all our readers – we hope you had a happy and festive New Year’s celebration and have enjoyed all of our posts in 2012. Let’s peek back on some of the highlights, by looking at the top posts (by traffic) for each of our writers (in no particular order).



Proving that a good rant never dies, my most heavily trafficked posts of 2012 weren’t even written CLOSE to 2012 – yet both still scored in the top 10 for traffic on the year. My It’s Time to Shut Up About Cupcakes & No I Do Not Want to Order Pepperoni Pizza – Do I Look Like I’m 12 Years Old? rants were written in 2008, yet still proved to be a big draw. When it came to things I wrote in 2012, my most popular Would You Rather questions were edged out by two posts about my trip to Taco Bell HQ, one in which I leaked news of a planned Cool Ranch Doritos Taco and another recapping my experience taste testing the Doritos Locos Taco.


Peter scored the most trafficked So Good post of the year, with his review of Birthday Cake Oreos. Congrats Peter! He also drew strong traffic for his review of Wendy’s chili cheese fries and mac & cheese.


Andy scored with his Quick Bite review of a McDonald’s Oreo Cookies ‘N’ Cream Pie that was released/tested north of the border. His second most popular post of 2012 was Gross Anatomy: Disgusting Halloween Party Food.


Our resident Eating Styles expert and Deep Fried Everything cartoonist, Sam’s most popular posts of 2012 were an eating styles post asking, of all things, how frequently you use your napkin. Her second most popular post was her review of Multi-Grain Cheerios Peanut Butter.


The man with the iron stomach! Mark’s near weekly I Try It So You Don’t Have To columns proved a real delight to our readers, and he scored his most popular posts by recounting his experience eating Century Eggs and Durian.


JT scored So Good’s 2nd most popular post of 2012 by asking: Could Ranch Be the New Ketchup? His next most popular post was also a provocative one: Pepsi and Tropicana Find a Healthy Way to Scam Consumers.

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