I’d sworn off McDonald’s baked pies for some time now. Admittedly, I was bitter after experiencing the taste bud Armageddon that was their heinously artificial tasting chocolate banana pie debacle. The fact it replaced the thoroughly life changing, albeit short lived peach pie offering was a gloved slap in the face and with that, Ronald’s pastries were dead to me.

Much to my fast food geek delight, I gazed up at the drive thru order board heavens one morning, to be greeted by a deluge of signage heralding the birth of the new Oreos Cookies ‘N’ Cream baked pie. Joy! My giddy excitement turns to nervous apprehension. Would it surpass their S’mores pie from last year and its sweet-tooth imploding sugar overkill?

Only the snack food Gods & my window jockey Dwayne could provide me with the answer.

Since most fast food joints don’t seem to have an issues with serving dessert for breakfast now, as my many a soft serve cone Brunch can attest, obtaining a duo of piping hot pies was a snap.

The Pie crust is mercifully tame in sweetness, much like its cookie world counterpart. I award the most points to the crust, which thankfully possesses some crunchy give to it, again texturally evoking a Oreo cookie wafer. The filling, marshmallow in flavor still hints a slight nod to the Oreo frosting middle but in a smooth, flowing form. Its sweetness, a perfect foil to the exterior pie shell.

The Oreo Cookie’s ‘n’ Cream Pie begs to be partnered with a cold glass of milk. That’s right. You will contemplate buying milk at a McDonald’s. Your mind = blown.

The only negative thing to say is that I was slightly bummed by the tiny size of the pie. It’s certainly smaller in stature than its many predecessors. Of course my resentful disappointment could be directly related to how delicious these tasty treats turned out to be.

Also, be forewarned, you’ll never be able to go back to Oreo Cakesters after this.

It’s the 100th Birthday of the Oreo this year, and this value menu item (I scored 2 for $1.39 at my local Mickey D’s) is a nice roll out as part of the  celebration. Here’s hoping it finds a permanent place on the roster.

As I suspected this is a test market item, which may even be only in Canada as I write this. Have there been any more sightings out there to report? Keep So Good Nation in the loop!

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  1. mtlnash

    I’ve become obsessed with these oreo pies – I just bought 4 to accompany my tea!! funny thing is I don’t have a big sweet tooth But it’s too good! Hope’s it’s here to stay. BTW, In Quebec, (Montreal actually) it’s always 2 pies for 1.39$ all the time.

  2. Lori

    We have these at the Sportworld location in Kitchener, my daughter goes batsh*t crazy for them. I can do half a one, definitely yummy.

  3. A Goat Named Chompy


    I’m an expat living down under and cannot think of a better pie. Love it and it’ll be worth the flight home alone. And to mtlnash, I will make my return to Montreal because 2 pies for $1.39 all the time sounds fantastic!


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