Oreos are awesome. If you disagree, there are two possible reasons: One, you are not American. I’ll give you a pass because there’s no way you could truly understand the awesomeness of Oreos. Two, there is something seriously wrong with you and you should go the the emergency room immediately. Your taste buds may have fallen out. I really can’t think of any other excuses. Evidence that Oreos are America’s favorite snack is just a click away.


Some believe the same could be said for birthday cake. I am not one of those. Not that I hate birthday cake or anything, but I don’t love it. It’s just too rich. More than a couple of bites is overkill, in my eyes (mouth?).

Of course, the typical way of American thinking is that combining these two delectable desserts must create an even more amazing flavor explosion. But as we discovered last week, two great things does not an even greater thing make.


Now back to Oreos. The sweet treat is celebrating its 100th birthday on March 6th, and Nabisco has created a new flavor in its honor: Birthday Cake. They may already be in a store near you; if not, you shouldn’t have to wait long. Oreo was kind enough to send me a sleeve of these limited edition cookies for a “sneak taste.”

There are already too many varieties of Oreos. The only kind I eat are the original and golden flavors, and that’s enough for me. Peanut Butter, Mint, and Fudge Cremes be damned. I really don’t think you can improve on the original. But every brand does it; one flavor just isn’t enough these days. If there aren’t seven bastardized versions of your product, you’re clearly doing something wrong.


When I first opened the package of Birthday Cake Oreos, my nose was assaulted by the familiar vanilla scent of, you guessed it, birthday cake. To give you an idea of just how strong the aroma was, my mother, sitting about 25 feet away, said she smelled cake. The sleeve contained twenty-one cookies. In case you were considering buying Birthday Cake Oreos and eating the whole thing in one sitting, one of these cookies packs 70 calories. My brain tells me that’s 1,470 calories per sleeve. So don’t do that. Laughably, the serving size is two Oreos. In the words of Brian Regan, “Who the hell eats two cookies?”


The filling of the Birthday Cake Oreo has colorful sprinkles, like a Funfetti cake. It’s also much softer than the regular filling, so it’s actually possible to lick it off. Haven’t the people who make Oreo commercials ever tried to lick the filling? It’s not possible, despite what they will have you believe. It’s a conspiracy! Anyway, there is about as much filling in these as in the Double Stuf Oreos. The Birthday Cake filling tastes exactly like vanilla frosting, so they got that part right.


Another detail is that one of the cookies on each Oreo says “Oreo 100,” like a 100 Oreo coin. It’s as though we’ve entered the future and Oreos are now currency. I better head to the store and buy all the Birthday Cake Oreos, just in case. They’re each worth a hundred!


By my estimation, Birthday Cake Oreos are a solid 7 out of 10, but they’re nowhere near the originals (9/10). The main reason is they are much too sweet. They’re so rich that it’s difficult to eat more than a couple at a time. Maybe the serving size is accurate after all. It’s probably for the best, considering the nutritional value or lack thereof. They did nail the birthday cake flavor, I’ll give them that. But I don’t know if that’s a good thing. It’s a fun product to have for a limited time. Happy birthday, Oreo, and thanks for the free sample, but I don’t think I would buy these.

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28 Responses

  1. Alberto

    You are nuts if you think these are a 7 out of 10. They are hands down the best cookie I have ever eaten next to girl scout lemonades. I give birthday cake oreos a strong 9/10! I can only hope they change their mind about the limited time and make them a regularly stocked item year round.

  2. tammy

    If they make them year round, ppl probably won’t buy them for long. The “new” will wear off them and we will all go back to the original. Oreo is smart in knowing how to sell their product. Limit edition always sells!

  3. lindsey

    Take it from a pregnant lady, these are fricking Amazing! I’m eating them for two…..or may e just because they taste too Damn delectable to stop…

  4. Sarah

    If you look at the original Oreo box, those also have a serving size of 2 cookies. This is nothing new.

  5. jerneice martin

    omg these cookies are so good .My co-worker turned me on to them and now im checking all of the grocery stores for them ….i cannot find them…smh

  6. monica

    Omgoodness I love oreo cookies so much, I want them at my funeral! But on a serious note, have you guys ever tried Oreo Ice Cream cake? It’s amazing if you’re a fan of cookies and cream ice cream 🙂

  7. Kerry

    BEST OREO EVER!! Once I bought my first pack of the “birthday cake oreos” I was addicted and I mean seriously, addicted!! I actually have been to wal-mart quite a few times and bought 10 or more packs at a time.. Oreo should make them a regular item. If I can find the, I will buy them forever!! At one point, I couldn’t find them, tried eating some regular ones, and ended up throwing them away! One you go birthday, I found it impossible to ever go back!! I am at this point in time, trying to find some to buy online.. I would love to stock up on them once again! I give them a 10 out of 10.. This is coming from someone, who really doesn’t like sweets all to well.

    P.S. Before anyone says anything innapropriate, I only weigh about 95-100 pounds. Everytime I have commented on something such as this, people claim I must just be overweight because I bought so many at a time. Nope, just addicted to them!! 😉

  8. Luciano

    Where can I find or purchase your happy birthday Oreo cookies in Chicago with the yellow cover packaging, they were delicious 🙂

  9. Megan

    These cookies literally changed my life. I´m not a huge funfetti fan but between these guys and Momofuku´s birthday cake truffles, I am on cloud nine. I am still trying to find these cookies online. #lifechangingproduct

  10. moneygrip

    Birthday Cake Oreos go hardbody! They’re sooOOO good, they can’t even keep’em on the shelf!

  11. why lol

    Woah… people actually LIKE these? O_O

    My mom got some and they were disgusting, oh my gosh. WAY WAY WAY toooo strong, and can even smell it from the other room. 7/10 I thought was way too high, personally I’d give it a 4/10.:P

  12. Sasha

    Actually, it is very possible to lick cream off a regular Oreo. I have done it. It is hard, but you are able to do it.


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