As readers of my blog know, I discovered Bacon Salt right as I was launching this blog. I previously wrote about it to both critique the concept and praise their online marketing strategy. The creators of Bacon Salt were kind enough to provide me with a sample pack of their Original, Hickory and Peppered Bacon Salt.


Of course I won’t be the first to review the product. You can find many bloggers who have already reviewed it HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. But I figured after two weeks of sampling it on my food, it was time to weigh in with a review.

When I first received it in the mail, I had just eaten, but I immediately sprinkled some into my hands to taste. Sure enough, it tasted like bacon, and the flavor was strong and pure. Be warned though, they call it Bacon SALT for a reason. I was expecting a bacon flavored powder, but it is a seasoning salt and is very salty in taste.

Another thing I noticed was the extremely powerful smell. People 10 feet away from me were turning around after detecting the smell of bacon. Needless to say, if you sprinkle some into your hand to taste, be sure to wash your hands before you go outside. If you don’t, you will definitely be attacked by a pack of stray dogs.

The next morning I tried it on my eggs and some homefries. It went ok with both, but I began to realize, I like the taste of eggs, if I wanted them to taste like bacon, I could just get a bacon omlet. Plus I was beginning to realize that while the original and hickory tasted good, I wasn’t really a fan of the peppered.

Over the next few days, as I began to try Bacon Salt on different foods, my initial hesitation turned to excitement. I mixed a healthy amount of the hickory into some burger patties I made and the flavor of the burgers was astounding. I put an ample amount of the original on some cheese fries and loved it. Bacon Salt on my corn on the cob proved to be fairly good, as did butter and Bacon Salt on my mashed potatoes.

But then, came the moment that made me a Bacon Salt fanatic. After mentioning to Dave that I wasn’t a fan of the peppered, he suggested that one use for it is to add it to Bloody Mary’s. It just so happens I am a huge fan of bloody mary’s and make them all the time, morning or night. Four nights ago I made my regular bloody mary and added in some Peppered Bacon Salt.

Ladies and gentlemen, what I tasted that night was a whole new world of flavor excitement. I love, love, love bloody mary’s. But now, I had a way to make them even better. I experimented with the amount of bacon salt I used, trying bloody mary’s with both overpowering and weak bacon flavor. Once I found the right balance, I was in heaven…a tasty bloody mary gets that much tastier with a subtle hint of bacon flavor.

Bacon Salt has its limitations…I don’t think just dumping it on eggs or potatoes without thinking is a wise use. But as I discovered with myself, everyone can find a niche recipe or use for this that is going to add a fantastic bacon flavor to a food they already love.

So after some initial skepticism, consider this the first So Good stamp-of-approval, Bacon Salt is definitely worthy of your time and money.

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  1. Cindy

    I’ve been looking for this type of salt also known as the red salt. It’s not red it’s white just like any other salt but when you add it on to the meat the meat turns into this beautiful red color and when you grill it it looks even redder and absolutely added this nice red delicious look on your grilled meat. Any idea? don’t know who is the maker of this salt. My sister said she got it from a local market in North Carolina. She only gave me the salt she threw the bag away.

  2. MSG

    It just tastes so good because it is MSG. MSG with artificial bacon flavor.
    If I want bacon flavor, I’ll eat bacon.


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