No that’s not my opinion necessarily, it’s based on the results of the new national Zagat fast food survey in which Wendy’s seems to be the big winner. In the fast food “mega-chain” (more than 5,000 outlets) category, Wendy’s was selected #1 overall, beating out Subway, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen and McDonald’s respectively.

When all fast-food chains, not just mega-chains are examined, the top chains overall are: #1 Panera Bread menu, #2 (tie) Chick-fil-A and Chipotle, #4 (tie) Quizno’s and Sonic Drive-in.

In the category of “Best Burger” for mega-chains, Wendy’s received 30% of the vote, Burger King 22% and McDonald’s a paltry 13%. It’s nice to see the voters of America get one right. McDonald’s, as much as I love your chicken products and fries, your burgers are horrid. Wendy’s and Burger King are both a cut above you.

However, while the burger vote was at least somewhat fractured, in the category of “Best French Fry” McDonald’s laid a smack-down on their competitors, taking 63% of the vote to just 10% for Burger King and Wendy’s. Good call, McDonald’s clearly has the best fries of the bunch.

Let me be the first to say: well-played America, well-played. It’s always nice to see you get stuff right from time to time.

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  1. Youppi

    Chick-fil-A is money.

    quizno’s a tie for 4th! preposterous. and gross. eick, can you tell us best sandwhich ranks (ie; subway, blimpie, quiznos, and of course, potbelly’s)?

  2. Boots

    Food at Wendy’s is ok…BUT….My daughter’s boss went to Wendy’s in Huntington WV and one of the girls was getting a drink for a customer and she filled it to full and…….sipped the overfill and put the lid on like all was well with the world…Needless to say he left without a drink…This is sick….YUKKY


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