Heard of Sushi Popper? This “Product of Convenience” has been around for at least 2 years and even if not thriving, seems to still be surviving. I wish they had something like this on the Ra Sushi happy hour menu so that we could enjoy it more often.

So what is a sushi popper? Rather than tell you, why not show you the handy explanatory graphic from the Sushi Popper site:

Huh. So that’s um, unexpected. Was there a big demand for delivered to your door sushi in areas lacking a sushi delivery restaurant? Or is this a case of a company inventing something that no one knew they wanted until they saw it existed? Or is this a classic case of a “Product of Convenience that isn’t Convenient?” Forget the delivery element, what about the packaging/tube?

Sushi Popper offers a variety of different flavors, from the basic California roll to Spicy Shrimp. But here’s one big downside: it arrives frozen. Yep, nothing says delectable sushi like A) using frozen fish and B) having to thaw it for 2 hours before you eat it. The “push-up pop” style of packaging is unique, although as Serious Eats discovered when they reviewed it, not all that useful.

Over the years we’ve documented many of these unusual or not so convenient “product of convenience” creations, from the still alive and kicking (The Fizz, Pizza & Cookies, YoPlait Smoothies, Batter Blaster) to the gone-but-not-forgotten (Kraft Bagel-fuls, P.B. Slices).

Is this product appealing? Or would you be better off buying Sushi for Dummies or a Sushi Making Kit?

What do you think? Would you like getting sushi delivered to your home/office? Do you think this product would be tasty or are you leery? What do you think of the packaging/presentation?

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  1. Mark

    I can’t imagine what hole these would fill in my life. Sushi is just everywhere at this point and in the time it would take to thaw these I could go get some mediocre grocery store sushi. At least I have the push pop theme in my head now, that’s a positive right, right?

  2. Technicolor Yawn

    Yo, bagelfuls are still alive and kicking in my area. I ate one for breakfast today.

  3. Lucas Furst

    Thank you for the review, and coming out soon will be Popper Restaurants. You will be able to order fresh sushi and have it hand rolled with your choice of ingredients and put into a tube or on a plate. On the Go Sushi 150 Calories or less in the tube. Coming shortly to a city near you. As Franchise are available and starting around the world at a great price.

  4. Technicolor Yawn

    I see. I didn’t even bother looking on the box when I grabbed them at the grocery store on Saturday. Buy one get one strikes again. 😛


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