Update 2/26/08: I just stumbled across an article from Chicago Business which may answer a lot of people’s original questions. It appears, based on the article, that Kraft’s new Bagel-Ful’s are intended to be bagel STICKS, not full bagels. Also, they are intended to be microwaved, not toasted.

Our good friends over at Kraft Foods are planning to launch a line of frozen bagels that come pre-filled with cream cheese. The new product will be called Bagel-fuls and according to the Wall Street Journal, Kraft will, “unveil that new line at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference Tuesday morning.”

“Right now we’re just normal bagels. But if Kraft gets their way, we will be kidnapped, filled up with a creamy white substance against our will and then locked in a freezer. Someone save us please!”

YumSugar appears to be the first blog to weigh in on this creation. They note this could be be a way to cut time from your morning routine (the 30-seconds it takes to spread cream cheese from a container has apparently caused thousands of people to be late for work). Yumsugar also appears to have one question that I think is important: how exactly does the heating up of the bagel work? Isn’t there a risk that the cream cheese will melt too much and lose its texture?

Personally, my main question is this: Who is asking for this product? Are there bagel lovers out there who have become disgruntled at the idea of spreading their own cream cheese, or annoyed at having to watch the guy at the bagel shop spread their cream cheese? I’m going to have to plead ignorance on this one. I thought I had my finger on the pulse of American eaters, but I guess I’ve been blissfully unaware that this was a problem among bagel lovers that needed to be addressed.

I suspect that Kraft, like many other companies, remains stuck in the mindset that Americans love products of convenience, therefore any product of convenience will be loved.

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  1. palmettoparrots

    These things sound less and less appealing every time I read about them. Just the thought of them make my stomach queasy.

  2. tim

    americans are lazy and have awful taste in bagels. i bet you kraft discovered this during several rounds of extended focus groups with potential consumers.

  3. J Temperance

    my question is this:

    why go through all the trouble of impregnating round bits of dough with half-melted cheese? especially when:

    a) the idea of making profit on these things is completely insane

    b) hot pocket should’ve done this years ago. any idea why they didn’t? oh yeah, it was a terrible idea.

  4. bryan

    This is an innovative new way to eat a bagel with cream cheese on the go….these people with all the negative comments: Try it before you knock it! im sure you were all the same people who talked down on the smuker’s uncrustables and i guess they were a huge failure werent they?

  5. Ruca Bangs

    The most annoying part of the new-media revolution has got to be all these low-level marketing peons who have to laude/defend their strange and un-appealing products on any blog post that mentions their product/inane marketing campaign. sigh.

  6. J Temperance

    since when is impregnating something with a hot cheese substance considered “sick thinking?”

    don’t knock it till you try it? worst defense of anything, ever. have you ever tried getting hit by a car? no? what, you don’t like getting hit by a car? dude, don’t knock it…

  7. Nostical

    I have tried them (in Florida) . They were called Bagelers before Kraft changed the name. The reason Hot Pockets never tried them is because it’s a patented process . They are absolutely delicious and convenient. Wait till you try them. You’ll be amazed at how good they are. The production process doesn’t allow the cheese to get wierd when you micro or toast them. I predict they will be the biggest new product this year and will be included in Oprahs favorite things!!

  8. sc

    this reminds me of when smuckers made the premade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…how lazy are people getting

  9. debra

    I am surprised by all the negativity. I heard about bagel-fuls over the weekend and can’t wait to try them!

    A warm bagel stuffed with cream cheese sounds like the ultimate comfort food…. And the calorie count is reasonable, the whole grain version has fiber too.

    Personally I will try them before rejecting them.

  10. Jonathan

    Most of these negative comments about the bagelfuls are unfounded. Bagelfuls are a fast, convenient, and tasty way to get the enjoyment of a toasted bagel with cream cheese in a matter of seconds. I’ve tried almost all the flavors and every one has its own unique taste. Bagelfuls have almost completely eliminated my consumption of real bagels. I can’t remember how many times I would take a bagel with me on the way to school or work and end up with cream cheese all over my shirt and/or car. Bagelfuls have solved this problem. Bagelfuls have also been a great topic of conversation in my social life. When people see me eating them they always inquire as to what it is. My colleague in one of my classes has made this one of our major subjects of conversation after class. We always discuss any new flavors we may have tried and critique them. Please don’t knock this product until you try it.

  11. Nazary Nebeluk

    They served these in my high school, as part of the free breakfast program.
    They were absolutely horrible


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