The other night, friend of the blog Mark sent So Good a picture he snapped in Wal-Mart of a just-hit-the-shelves product from DiGiorno. Pizza & Cookies, in the same box:

Let me ask the first, obvious question: why? Is there some pent-up demand out there for the inclusion of a roll of cookie dough inside a pizza box? Are you too lazy to grab a frozen pizza but also a roll of cookie dough? Plus, if you are really that lazy, why would you even bother with the cookie dough? Couldn’t you just grab a frozen pizza and a box of Chewy Chips Ahoy? (don’t even get me started on why anyone would buy regular Chips Ahoy when the chewy are clearly far superior). This marks yet another example of the many, many, many, many, many so-called “products of convenience” being pushed on America by food manufacturers, whether we as consumers were demanding them or not.

Although news of this product release hit the blogosphere in a big way on Monday, DiGiorno actually announced the news on its Twitter handle last Wednesday. While there may be some internal corporate politics at work in terms of partnering with the Nestle Toll House brand, one does have to wonder why the heck DiGiorno is offering this product. Yes, they will get “buzz” on blogs talking about how crazy this combo is, and that will make people aware of the DiGiorno name, but do they really think this will be successful in terms of sales? These combo “products of convenience” inevitably always cost more than if you bought the two items separately, so you have to wonder if in this shaky economy DiGiorno really thinks people are going to ignore the cost implications of making this purchases due to extreme laziness and/or novelty.

DiGiorno is simultaneously releasing a “Pizza & Wyngz” offering, which, from a combination of foods at least makes a little more sense than cookies. And no, they are not selling “wings” but rather “Wyngz”, which are actually white meat chicken fritters.

Take that Doritos. Your hold on the #1 stoner food may be in jeopardy. DiGiorno is unapologetic-ally making a run at you as the go to food for people who are shopping while really, really, really high.

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  1. Sarah Lynn

    Hahaha that last part about shopping “really really really high” made me laugh!! So true though! Stoners should absolutely be marketed towards!!

  2. yaa

    You guys should be sued!!!! I think your pizza is crap!!!!!! I have had a pizza from Save A Lot that tasted better then your’s for half the price. I guess you can have high prices for your crap pizza to pay for your advertising.


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