This falls under the you-wouldn’t-believe-me-if-I-didn’t-link-to-it department. On August 12, a photo blogger named Alec Soth wrote a blog post promoting a photo assignment/contest which he calls “Jump the Sandwich.” He requested that readers:

“Photograph a woman eating a sandwich while jumping onto a bed.”

Alec notes that one of the…wait, wait, wait…let’s back up for a second. Yes, you read that correctly. He wants photos of women jumping onto a bed WHILE eating a sandwich. That was not a typo.

Anyways, Alec notes that one of the fascinating things about Flickr is the phenomenon of specific Flickr groups for almost anything you can imagine, citing the Girls Eating Sandwiches (be still my beating heart) and Bed Jumpers groups as two of his favorites:

girl-sandwich.jpg bed-jumper.jpg
(Photo credits to lil’bear and tadfad)

Of course Alec’s thought was “why not combine the two?” Hence the request for pictures of women eating sandwiches WHILE jumping onto a bed.

Raw Genius? Or crazy, twisted, bizzare fetish? You make the call.

Remarkably, readers of his blog have responded to his request. On Sunday, Alec posted some of the Sandwich Jumping submissions he received. Here are a couple of the pictures, click through to Alec’s full post to see more.

(Credit to Mad_lips)

(Credit to LNpom)

This next photo, according to Alec, is, “the most popular sandwich jump photo on Flickr” (popular being a relative term in this case).

(Credit to Michael David Murphy)

I’m not gonna lie, I love sandwiches. Soooooo Good. I also love women….sooooooo good. But why is there something about this whole endeavor that…doesn’t…quite…sit…right?

As someone who proclaims this to be not only a food blog, but also a humor blog, I guess right now would be the point in time for me to start making the obvious jokes. But you know what? sometimes I can’t take all the glory. I leave it to my readers to make the many necessary observations and jokes about this one.


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  1. jerome

    The real question is, what type of sandwich would be most inappropriate for this task? A peanut butter sandwhich would be too easy of a feat due to the cohesive properties of delicious peanut butter. A manwichesque sloppy joe would be the obvious champion. Anything less and i am unimpressed.

  2. shatraw

    open face turkey sammich with gravy a flyin’!

    eick, you look at these photos for sexual gratification. show your cards. i have proof.



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