Jayson Werth is a Washington Nationals right fielder. A right fielder who they paid $126 million to sign for 7 years. He is currently batting .212. If you are not a baseball fan, let me break it down for you: that is bad. No wait, let me break it down for you further: that is horrible.

Those of us follow the Nats closely have been going crazy watching Jayson the last month or two. His performance has been beyond a traditional slump, and has been downright painful and miserable to watch. Even more annoying for me? The worst of his slump seems to have kicked in right after I bought his jersey, which I rocked at a few Nats games but now am almost embarrassed to wear. (Note: ALMOST. I will still wear it).

So when a certain player is getting attention for a particularly good or bad performance, what better way for a business to attract attention from the hometown fans than a promotion about how good/bad they have been? That’s what Duffy’s was thinking, and they succeeded in an idea that will get them lots of free press. The deal? On Sunday, July 24th, come into Duffy’s to watch the Nats-Dodgers game at 4 pm and you can get a 16 oz PBR, Bud or High Life for the cost of Werth’s batting average (currently .212, but could get as low as .201 by then). Not to offend any fans, Duffy’s also points out on their Faceboook invite that they are “very happy to have Werth on our team and know he’ll turn it around very soon, we’re just having a little fun.”

I’ve always known Duffy’s for cheap beer and crispy, spicy wings (they fry them in peanut oil for extra crispiness and also make their own homemade hot sauce that is VERY peppery), so I was wondering how much of a savings this actually was for the consumer. Turns out, it will be. These beers go for $3 a pop during M-F happy hour, so they are probably slightly more on weekends. So whether Jayson Werth raises his batting average in the next couple days or not, you’re still saving around a buck a beer from normal prices. But the even better part of the promotion? If you are wearing Nats gear and he gets a hit, you get a free whiskey shot. Is it a free shot for each hit? I hope so. Because if I wear my Werth jersey to Duffy’s and he goes 4-for-5, I’ll be expecting 4 shots up in this piece. This isn’t a deal that’s going to save you an earth shattering amount of money, maybe a few bucks over the course of the game, but it is a fun way for a business to tie prices to a hometown team/players performance.

Well So Good readers, not all of us are DC based. What are your favorite performance/sports related promotions of this nature you’ve seen elsewhere in the country? Was it at a bar, restaurant, pub or other food/beverage establishment? Were all of them based on a teams success? Or have you seen interesting one’s based on a teams struggles?

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  1. Jennifer

    Back when I lived in Northern Virginia, a restaurant had a deal that whatever the difference in the score for the Redskins Super Bowl win, he would discount the bill at the restaurant. THe difference in the score was 32 points.

    I wonder if they are still in business.


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