In a post titled Burger Democracy, Heather, over at Bacon Unwrapped, has alerted me to a new contest called “Build Wendy’s New Burger” (be patient, it takes a minute to load). Ten consumer-submitted burger recipes have been posted online for burger fans to vote on, and whichever recipe gets the most votes over the next 28 days will see their burger added to the Wendy’s menu.


First off, as someone who helps design online communications strategy for my job, I commend Wendy’s on setting-up a user generated contest such as this. The idea of giving consumers a direct say in what kind of burger makes it onto your menu shows your company trusts its customers and wants to be responsive to their demands. Additionally, regardless of which burger wins, the voting results should provide Wendy’s with valuable market research and intelligence about the kind of taste that their core customers are craving but don’t feel they have available to them.

While it’s still early in the voting, three burgers are running away from the pack right now, and I have to say, I think so far the voters are getting it right. Interestingly, Teriyaki is involved in two of them (does ANYONE offer a teriyaki burger? tap this market Wendy’s!) Here are the top three burgers so far:

1. Bacon Mushroom Teriyaki Burger – A single burger patty with bacon, this burger includes mushrooms and onions that are sauteed in Teriyaki sauce, lettuce, a mozzarella cheese sauce and garlic mayo.

2. Philly Style Hoagie Burger – Two burger patties and two slices of american cheese, sliced ham, genoa salami, lettuce, tomato, onion and creamy italian dressing.

3. Teriyaki Blast Burger – One burger patty with bacon, ham, swiss cheese, pinneapple slices, mayo and teriyaki sauce.

Time for a So Good reader survey.

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  1. Youppi

    I wanted to submit a burger, but my crappy computer won’t load the page. EICK! help me out, we’ll share the fame – check this idea: The Wendy Melt! The first Patty Melt on the market! Single Patty with Cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, bacon, and a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce, all served between two slices of delicious grilled rye. I’ll leave it to your discretion if you wanna change cheddar to swiss, and possibly add a second patty. Bacon i could bend on, but why not?, right? whattaya think?

    the patty melt is such and underatted food. people love grilled cheese, and burgers! Combine the two, make it a meal, charge 6.79 for it, and reap the rewards… You don’t have to charge too much, as it’s only one patty(which is the benefit of only having one, not two.)

  2. shatraw

    dude, i love a good patty melt.

    anyway, teriyaki burgers are all the rage on the west coast. i know for sure carls jr has had one running for a couple of months (the hawaiian teriyaki burger…not very good).

    then again, wendy’s created the baconator, so i’ll have to at least try whatever their next gimmicky shit is.

  3. Red Siegfried

    Funny how the currently leading Teriaki burger always seems to get exactly 100 votes in a 90 minute period every day.

    Someone is running bots. There is serious money riding on this contest … the winner gets $25,000. Meanwhile the number two and three burgers are getting the shaft when as far as I can tell, the voting patterns don’t indicate bots being used.

  4. eldon kozaks

    Can we put my burger on the menu from twitter, with the burger called Charmed Slant BBQ Dr. Pepper Burger with 897 calories.


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