Budweiser is encouraging men across America to grow a beard and stop shaving until World Environment Day on June 5th. The campaign, being promoted on Budweiser’s Facebook page, is called “Grow One, Save a Million.”

Budweiser points out that the average man uses 5 gallons of water each time they shave. Apparently they also walk the walk and don’t mind having scruffy employees. They boast on their Facebook page:

In 2010, over 1,200 A-B employees saved 42,000 gallons of water by not shaving in the week leading up to World Environment Day.

Beardo alert! There were some scruffy dudes in that office that week. Water plays a big part in beer brewing, so Budweiser has made it a goal to reduce its own water usage. In the past three years, the brewer reduced its water use by 34 percent.

One question: where is the gender equality? Shouldn’t Budweiser also ask women to not shave in the week leading up to World Environment Day? Somehow I’m guessing women with hairy legs don’t play quite as much into the image Budweiser is trying to portray as bearded men does.

Well So Good readers, any thoughts on this campaign? Random? Cute? Amusing? A good cause? Stupid? Also,

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  1. Rick

    Or, perhaps they couldn’t meet their own water conservation goals, and had to reach out to men and appeal to their inner laziness.

  2. Shannon

    Yep, I think some men probably need to take some advice that Barney used to give and quit letting the water run. I would never have thought five gallons of water was the amount of water commonly used by men to shave. Thanks Budweiser for helping to learn something new.

  3. DAVE ID

    5 Gallons? Anyone ever hear that you can actually FILL UP a sink with some hot water and use only that? SIGH.

  4. Corey

    I think it’s great that the company is taking an active role in water conservation. Considering most of the guys I know who drink beer though, I feel the realistic benefit will come from enforcing laziness and not in actively trying to conserve anything.


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