I’m gonna get right to the point: I can’t figure out how to put the accent over the “e” in Ole. So just deal with it.  No wait, that wasn’t the point.

I’m going to get right to my other point: This drink was awesome. I’d like to say something right up front: I am not a fan of energy drinks. I love me a Red Bull and Vodka on weekends, but under no circumstances outside of alcohol do I ever buy energy drinks. Frankly, besides Red Bull, I think most of them taste pretty gross – and many of them simply try and copy Red Bull, and do so poorly.

So when a representative of Ole Energy contacted me and offered to send me some free samples, I had a little bit of a chuckle. Whether I love or hate something, I’m going to say exactly what I think. So when a company sends me something not very good, they risk me totally excoriating their product, or blatantly making fun of their marketing campaign.

Since I don’t really care much for energy drinks, and gave a mixed review to AMP energy drinks, I assumed this would be an opportunity to rip another mindless addition to the energy drink market. But then something strange happened. I tasted it….and I really liked it. Then something else happened….I waited 10 minutes or so, and felt really, really awake and focused.

The best thing about it was it didn’t taste like all the other energy drinks. It tasted a little different, like it had its own thing, or its own flavor going. So what, exactly, did it taste like? Well I think Energy Drink Reviews has described it in much greater detail then I ever could:

Olé gets some major props for coming up with a unique flavor that has never been done before. The flavor is rich orange with notes of lemon. I like how the flavor stays rich, but shallow by not penetrating with an over tartness. Instead there is a sour aspect to it that stays on the tip of your tongue. Overlaid with the orange is a back note of peach and a little apricot that add some complexity. The sweetness is mild, but adds some minerality to the flavor to leave a clean feeling on your palette. No bitterness or crazy flavors here.

Damn. That’s a detailed taste description. According to Energy Drink Reviews, there may be a reason I felt so awake and alert after drinking it:

Olé brings the familiar ADX7 energy boosting technology to their energy drink. ADX7 is a mix of adaptogenic herbs designed to improve performance, help with stress, and stimulate the metabolism all with no crash.

Well ok then. I did feel energized and stress free.

Ole has not hit the national market yet. It’s being test marketed in Charlotte, NC, but should be unveiled on a wider scale very soon. Ole’s website is adorned with athletes and hot women wearing Ole gear and logos. It also automatically plays some pretty terrible music based off the “Ole” chant sung at sporting events so be sure to click “off” if you head to the site.

Anyways, bottom line? This shit was good. If you like energy drinks and you see it in a store near you, give it a shot.

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