As someone who travels a good bit, I find myself eating things as a matter of last resort more often than I might like.  Rolling in to a hotel at 1 am and finding everything, but a vending machine, closed is a reality I know all too well. As a result I actually look for packages like this as an alternative to ceral bars and things along those lines.


If I wasn’t certain that it would get confiscated by the TSA I would keep one of the foil packets of tuna in my briefcase, just in case. Lets see if this might be a good alternative.

After opening the packaging, I get a tin of chicken, a foil wrapped packet of crackers and the cutest little spoonula you ever did see.


It didn’t have much of a buffalo wing smell to it, which didn’t give me a great feeling. The smell was mostly canned meat smell. Which is to say, kind of like wet pet food. I scooped up a hunk and was pleasantly surprised to see recognizable bits of chicken and celery. I fully expected everything to be pureed into an easily digestible paste.


I popped the whole thing into my mouth and was quite surprised. The cracker was good which helped a lot. Crispy and buttery with a rich flavor. The chicken itself had a hint of sweetness that I didn’t care for, but after that it was quite tasty. The celery was prominent and the there was a bit of a kick at the end. I would have liked more heat and less sweet but it was still not bad. I went in for another scoop with more chicken on it, to get the full effect.



Much the same impression, good, not great, but certainly something I would eat again. Given the choice between this and a granola bar, I would eat this for sure. I don’t think I will keep it in the pantry at home but Bumble Bee buffalo chicken salad gets a qualified “Try It.” No reason to seek it out but if you are stuck don’t be afraid to eat it.

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  1. Melissa

    Have you ever tried their Spicy Thai Chili tuna medley? I’ve never been a huge fan of any canned meat, but I like this one.

  2. Doug

    It’s OK. Not awful, but just OK. I can taste sweet pickle relish in it, and obviously some of what I thought were pieces of celery are actually sweet pickles. “Buffalo style” anything and “sweet pickles” don’t belong on the same table, much less the same dish. Yuck.


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