Truffle fries review

  • ADHD version: Try them immediately. Most fancier burger spots will sell them. Beware of over cooked or soggy ones though.

Yesterday, I was sitting with a few friends about to enjoy a juicy burger when I was brought the appetizers menu. I wasn’t really feeling onion rings or basic fries, so I knew I had to get the truffle fries. I paid $6 for about 1.5 cups of fries – a little on the pricy side compared to basic fries, but very worth it. Most truffle fries are made with regular french fries and topped delicious truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, and sometimes some rosemary and other spices.

You can be creative with your dipping sauces. I used the sauce it came with, which was like a mayonnaise based sauce. When these killer fries are done right (not soggy or overdone) and they are paired with a big, fat juicy burger, life can get no better. So, go out and try some truffle fries today. Yard House restaurants offer them and a lot of smaller burger places in your area will probably carry them.

Have you tried truffle fries? What are your thoughts?

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  1. SM

    Brenda, it’s looks yummy yummy! I will try at least 2 – 3 dishes once. Thanks for yummy food mam!


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