In February, So Good wrote about a young man named Ryan Giesel, who started a Facebook group called “If 100,000 people join, I’ll eat every McDonalds value meal, #1-12.” At the time, barely anyone had taken notice. The group, created in December of 2007, was languishing, with only a few thousand members. That’s when So Good decided that someone needed to take this kid up on his offer, because this was something America needed to see attempted.

So like any patriotic American who wanted to help do something great for his country, I wrote a detailed post about his Facebook group. Within 12 hours, the story was picked up by Fark and several dozen other websites. By the next day, the story was being reported by radio and TV stations across America, even as far away as New Zealand. The Facebook group instantly zoomed to more than 60,000 members and Ryan was interviewed by radio stations about his planned attempt. Ryan even set up a website, 12 Meals or Bust.

A few weeks ago, his Facebook group finally hit 100,000 members. True to his word, Ryan trudged to a nearby McDonald’s, and with his friends filming, he began slowly eating each value meal, one by one.

In his Facebook group, Ryan vowed:

“I will consume every value meal from McDonalds, starting with the Big Mac all the way to the Fish Fillet. I cannot get up, it will all be done in one sitting. I will consume every piece of food.”

So did he do it? NO. Ryan hit his 10th meal and then quit. He never even made it to the dreaded Filet-o-Fish.  Downing 10 meals is an incredible performance, but in the end he came up short.

Sadly, his night ended not in a moment of glory, but with intense vomiting in the parking lot:

Ryan may not mind that he didn’t make it to all 12 meals. Perhaps prior to actually having to attempt the eating feat, he lost his training focus after becoming an on-campus celebrity. He was too busy doing interviews with his college newspaper and, I can only surmise, hooking up with a steady stream of college fatties – who were turned on by the thought of him stuffing so many value meals into his gullet.

But alas, the fame probably didn’t last long. In the end he was left all alone. Just him, a bunch of McDonald’s value meals, and a string of horrifying memories of hooking up with really, really fat chicks.

For anyone who has 20 minutes, the video of his attempt to eat all 12 McDonald’s meals has been posted on Google Video HERE.

* Note: I have never met Ryan Giesel. I do not have evidence to back up some of my statements, particularly those about him hooking up with a lot of fat chicks. But these statements COULD be true. Let’s just say that I have no way of disproving them.

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  1. Joe

    Does anyone still have access to this video? The link no longer works, but if someone downloaded it originally, I’m willing to pay for the file.



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