A very cool development my fellow So Good readers. As you may know, two days ago I broke the story about Ryan Giesel, a student who started a Facebook group titled “If 100,000 people join, I’ll eat every McDonalds value meal, #1-12.”

Well by yesterday morning, the story had migrated from the internet to the airwaves, as radio stations across America, Canada and New Zealand were reporting on the story, and even quoting facts on-air from my post.


So far I have confirmation that the story was discussed and reported on by the following radio stations:

ZM 91.3 – New Zealand
94.3 KILO – Colorado Springs, Colorado
89X – Detroit, Michigan
97.9 WGRD – Grand Rapids, Michigan
96.5 – Philadelphia, PA
Chom 97.7 – Montreal, Canada
101x – Austin, TX
CJ92 – Calgary, Alberta
102.1 The Edge – Toronto, Canada
95X FM – Syracuse, NY
92.5 WBWI – West Bend, Wisconsin
97.1 FM Talk – St. Louis, Missouri
XL93 – Grand Forks North Dakota
95.3 Kelly FM -Bakersfield, California

The story was also picked up by The National Post of Toronto, Canada and I have heard reports that the story was on the local TV news in both Boston and North Carolina.

I’d just like to take this moment to say thank you to all my readers, both new and old. As someone who works in new media and the internet, it is tremendous fun to see moments like this, where a blogger can break a story and then see it spread to the mainstream media. None of this would be possible without my loyal readers who share this blog with their friends and help spread the word. If you know of any other radio or TV stations that reported on this story, please let me know by using the “Contact Me” button on the top right of the site!

Thanks everyone!

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