As of yesterday, a swarm of MySpace users are livid at Kraft Foods, over what they consider to be incorrectly stated rules that could cost them the $50,000 prize (See my previous posts calling out Kraft’s MySpace page HERE, HERE and HERE).

On the MySpace page, a thread has been started called “The Official Rules are Not Stated Correctly.” What’s the gist? Well the deadline to submit videos for the $50,000 contest was yesterday. In the official rules it said nothing about a time deadline, so many people assumed since it said “through November 12th” that meant until midnight. When these individuals tried to submit their videos yesterday afternoon, they were shocked to discover that the cut-off was 12 PM Pacific Time (seriously, how random is that?).


Individuals and groups who have spent the past few weeks working on their videos are furious that they have not been able to submit them. Especially considering $50,000 is at stake. Here’s a few examples of comments from pissed off individuals who have been working hard to create videos to submit, but were not able to do so:

“I have a submission too but knew nothing about the 12 ‘noon’ deadline… I read the ‘official rules’ and it says submissions are accepted through Nov. 12th. As someone already said, it is still Nov. 12. Please allow my video entry into the contest!”

“It says the cutoff was 12 pm in very fine print at the top of the page, but that is not written in the OFFICIAL rules- and I didn’t see that on the page until 8 pm today. Who ends a contest at 12 noon? I’ve never heard of that before…”

“Not fair at all! . I worked all weekend on my spot and half of Monday. Then when I went to post it at 7:00pm It was over. My understanding from the official rules was that we could submit our video through 11/12/07. That normally means midnight. Please let us upload our spots!!!!!”

“The official rules DO NOT have a time listed. When you read ‘How to enter’ there is no time stated. I have a call into the VP of Marketing and will let everyone know what I find out.”

Oh man, Kraft, what the hell are you doing? First off, who sets an entry deadline for 12 PM PACIFIC time? That is moronic. Second, if you set a specific time as your entry deadline, it needs to be in your OFFICIAL rules. It is NOT. If you write that submissions can be made “through November 12th” in your rules, that inherently states that you have the entire day of November 12th to do so…i.e. until midnight.

Kraft, you better fix this mistake and fix it fast, because if you don’t, you could be SCREWING someone out of $50,000 that they might have won if you hadn’t stopped them from submitting their videos. It’s time to admit your mistake and let these people submit their entries.

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  1. bigboy

    At the contest myspace page blog, someone posted Kraft’s consumer relations phone number and email. But it wasn’t up there long before it was removed.


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